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Attacking the “other” guy………..the first, dangerous step in destroying Democracy…..

It’s always easy to “understand” when someone besides you is suffering. Your neighbor’s car was hit and the insurance didn’t pay for the loss. Oh, too bad. A hurricane destroys a home somewhere. Tragic. But, it didn’t happen to you, so, maybe it’s not exactly terrible.

The idea that, if it doesn’t hit you, makes the problem less important is part of a technique perfected by Democrats and libs.

“The rich don’t pay their fair share” is a common cliche’ among Democrats and all Libs. In fact, the rich pay more than their fair share as numerous studies have shown.

“Blacks have been discriminated against and deserve MORE from the government” is another gem. In fact, welfare has demolished the integrity of the Black family unit. Again, numerous studies have shown that absent fathers in Black families contribute to multiple problems for Black youth AND the absence places an enormous burden on mothers and grandparents to take care of Black children. Affirmative action also makes any accomplishment by a Black person suspect. Did he/she deserve their success, or were they just the recipients of a society that expects less from them and gives them precedence over others?

Democrats are experts at dividing people into groups which they can then cultivate and harvest their votes…..thus staying in power themselves.

Currently, many Democrats are voicing their animus against Israel. Why? Israel is an easy target to rail against because Jews are a minority in America. The problem with isolating an ethnic group is that it is only the beginning of a process that destroys the fabric of America. In the past, Conservatives were the Democrats’ straw man — everything a Conservative did or said was wrong and not only wrong….but hateful. Remember when parents were labeled a terrorist group simply because they wanted to be able to raise their own children in their own way?

Well, today in America, Jews are vilified. Why? Well, simply because they are Jewish. What those, like the Squad, who agitate against Jews forget is that hate spreads faster than love. Destroying the right to pursue happiness of any American is despicable. But, somehow, attacking Jews bears no consequences. It’s obscene to attack anyone based on ethnicity. And, it will not lead to a better America.

The hate will spread. All those who are antisemitic today should beware because, tomorrow, they might be the focus of someone’s hatred. And, then, it will be too late to say “if we had only known…………….”.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

—Martin Niemöller

When the long knives are out for you………….

You know your opposition is afraid of you.

After last night’s debate, Governor DeSantis seems to be the one most feared by every other candidate and the Lie-berals and Democrats. That is why he is taking a lot of body blows from both sides of the aisle.

Complaints about his smile — seemed okay to me –his slow hand raise — good to be cautious about former President Trump……………….no matter what DeSantis did or said, it was wrong according to the “experts”. It pays to be wary of such experts, with their Leftist bias, who have a vested interest in destroying any candidate who would change the disastrous course our country is on.

So, even though we all know that the indictments of Trump are political and have little basis in legal jurisprudence, the media will ensure that Trump is unelectable. Biden’s DOJ is working hard at the same thing…..maybe in case the Media can’t bury Trump first. So, we have to work around the media and find a candidate who has very few negatives for his adversaries to use.

President Biden is a flawed President, and more than likely a criminal to boot, in so many ways. The only way to save our country from Biden and the Left and Lie-beral’s philosophical nonsense and their drive to curb our Constitutional rights is to get Biden out of office. We need a common sense President to deal with the economy, the border wall, and the world at large.

Long knives aside, the best candidate is still Governor DeSantis.

The Media meddles again………..

The mass media has been in the Democrat’s camp for many years with the intent to boost all Democrats and almost all Lie-beral philosophies. So, it pays to beware what they say,do, or print.

Right now, the media hopes that Trump is the GOP candidate because they think they can beat him with repeated rumors and innuendoes and now, the crazy indictments. So, they have to beat down any other GOP candidate that might challenge Trump.

Governor DeSantis seems to be a formidable candidate, regardless of the media breathlessly saying he is “sinking” in the polls. So, when DeSantis speaks, the media immediately attempts to find a mistake or problematic utterance.

Here’s a post from a DeSantis interview which is being misinterpreted and used as a red herring to disqualify the Governor:

“… Ultimately, a movement can’t be about the personality of one individual. The movement has got to be about what are you trying to achieve on behalf of the American people and that’s got to be based in principle, because if you’re not rooted in principle … all we are is listless vessels.”

The claim is that Gov DeSantis is saying that Trump supporters are “listless vessels”. He is NOT saying that.

He is saying that you HAVE to have principles if you want to lead America. If you have no principles, you are a listless vessel and not worthy of leading America.

But, the media prefers to misread his comments. Their preference is to meddle and cause as much confusion as possible.

Their professional responsibility is to report the news fairly. But, few of them follow that road. They prefer to advance only the Lie-beral and leftist far-out ideas. Forget that the public used to trust them. We know the media well now.

The media are the listless vessels in today’s America.

Protect me, but not thee……………

The Boston mayor sent a list of critics and protestors to the police after experiencing protestors disrupting events she was participating in AND having those people PROTESTING AT HER HOME.

While protesting is a constitutional right, I think that today’s protestors have gone beyond their right to protest and devolved into vicious mobs. Police are afraid to rein them in because, inevitably, someone fakes an injury and sues. Politicians and activists jump in and create problems for the police.

So, protests continue and many become riots.

The Boston mayor didn’t like being challenged. She sent that list to the police. Her office claims the police asked for it! If they did ask for a list, they should be taken to task. It is scary to think that any authority keeps a list like this just because a politician doesn’t like to be interrupted. If they didn’t ask for a list, shame on her and her office for throwing out that canard. But, of course, they will find an excuse for doing so.

The Supreme Court Justices were threatened, endured continual protesting outside their homes. The Justices, especially Justice Thomas, have been vilified and the Libs are promoting enlarging the court because they don’t like the decisions! Although freedom of speech means you can criticize anyone — except a Democrat mayor — why was nothing done to protect them?

Apparently, Democrats only believe in Justice being served if it promotes their causes. What a shame. Their biased approach is leading to anarchy in the streets and an America none of us recognize.

Supreme Court

The Lie-berals are furious about the Supreme Court’s decisions on affirmative action, abortion, and even whether a web master can speak freely.

Libs and Democrats are demanding that the Supreme Court be expanded because they don’t agree with these decisions. They disregard that the Court is apolitical and not supposed to decide cases based on the political winds of any given day or time.

Pete Buttigieg has his own analysis:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claimed Sunday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian web designer to pursue their alleged “agenda.”

Mr. Buttigieg is right that the Court has an agenda. What Mr. Buttigieg doesn’t understand is that the Supreme Court’s agenda is to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and make judicial decisions based on our Constitution.

Thank goodness that, at least, 6 of the 9 Justices understand that principle!

Rewarding Criminals

In today’s America……..”anything goes” . And, criminals know it.

Sneak into our country illegally and receive free welfare, driver’s licenses, and, in some states, free college tuition. Steal from a Lululemon store and feel safe because the clerks cannot call the police. Beat up someone — whether on the street or in a school — and, ho hum. Maybe we’ll give you some “time off”.

These criminal acts all deserve to be punished. The victims deserve restitution and the peace of mind in knowing the criminal will be locked up. Unfortunately, that seldom happens in today’s America. Maybe worse are the crimes that happen because the bureaucrats are themselves criminals. Of the following crimes, will anyone except the American public suffer? I bet not.

Adam Schiff now running for California senator — lied repeatedly to us about any ties of former President Trump to the Russians. Shouldn’t he recant and make an abject apology to Trump and all Americans for his misleading comments?

Comey hid evidence of Hilary Cliinton destroying evidence on her computers. And, he wrote a book to make money off his tenure. Shouldn’t he be convicted for derelection of duty?

McCabe intentionally fomented a case against President Trump. He should be jailed and not receive any monies because he mislead not only the American public, but directed his subordinates to further the obviously hateful diatribe.

Fauci lied repeatedly about the origin of the Chinese Virus, aka Covid. His actions and statements caused businesses to fail, children to have lower academic levels and more social, mental and economic problems as well to suffer abuse more frequently.

President Clinton was guilty of harassing a subordinate and demeaning the Oval Office with perverse, sexual activity. His disgusting actions and lying were rewarded by his speaking salaries and status as a leader in his Democrat party.

Maxine Waters call for violence over and over, repeating claims of racism, when none existed….and, created an environment of hatred toward the police. No one dares correct her because her speech is so vitriolic as to be labeled hate speech. Yet, no one speaks up.

Al Sharpton labels everything racist, as do the libs on The View (if online stories are true). Honestly, he gets away with his ridiculous commentary because the media gives him air time.

President Biden claims to have resolved the impasse on the budget — categorically false because he repeatedly refused to talk with House Speaker McCarthy. Despite video where Biden says he will not negotiate, he now claims credit!

President Biden admitted to plagiarism years ago and, whistleblowers are ready to bring evidence that his political decisions were paid for by foreign entities. The FBI and CIA continue their criminal allegiance to Biden because he is in a place of power.

Hunter Biden — way too many criminal acts to list………way too much getting away with criminalities because his Father was Vice President and now is President. .

The teacher’s union president demanded that schools be shuttered when all the evidence demonstrated that children could tolerate covid and that children needed the social and academic environment that only a school provides.

All of these people should be prosecuted — their words and deeds hurt this country in ways from which we might never recover!

The only way to correct these deviant behaviours is to have consequences. And, the only way to force ethical behaviour on people like them is to insist that immoral or criminal behaviour be punished….and, punished severely.

If we want to feel safe when out shopping, walking in the street, or even in our homes, we must NOT allow criminals to frighten us into submission. We must insist that the media, including social media, stop suppressing traditional ideas and conservatives.

If we want honest politicians, we have to elect honest men and women to political offices. We must insist that the media report honestly and not rely on biased commentators.

And, most of all, we have to check and double check anything that the media produce. They have lied about everything Trumpian and promoted everything Democrats want. N


Otherwise, we really are rewarding criminal behaviour.

Dishwashers do not use gas

Most of them don’t anyway.

Still, the “experts” in government have decided to regulate how much energy and water dishwashers use…..all to IMPROVE OUR LIVES! Forget that we might want to decide for ourselves what is best for us………and, our speech………..and, our country!

Climate Change is the foundation for elites’ demand to control everything. It’s their buzz word for “let’s take over everything in America”. They don’t understand that China, India and developing nations, account for most of the pollution. They also don’t understand that “climate” always changes. We’ve had multiple glaciations, melting periods, and more glaciations. And, certainly, man-made pollution had nothing to do with those glaciations, also know as climate changes!

Still, it’s enticing for them to gain power by controlling what Americans can say, do, or have because “they” are afraid of climate change.

I think this control, aka power of the elites, began when they regulated how much water a toilet can use. That success encouraged them to decide how much water a washing machine can use. Californians wanted to forbid Wisconsinites from driving SUVs and trucks even though these vehicles are needed to power through our Wisconsin winters. New York just went after gas utilities in new buildings through legislation. If you believe the media — and who does? — next up is our dishwashers!

What? A dishwasher is supposed to use less water and energy than hand washing dishes. So, why go after them?

Because they can! Who will stop them?

The elites are after control and domination because: “we know best what you can say, do, think, or have”. These are earmarks of this generation of Libs. They think they know it all. They forget that American greatness arose from Americans being free to try new adventures, from a market place that rewarded industriousness, and, a country where we ordinary Americans could decide for ourselves what was best for us and our families.

Unfortunately, with our elected politicians too willing to sway with the winds of the day, the meaning of Democracy has eroded to the point where a person has to monitor everything they say or do. Otherwise, face the brunt of the collective Word Police. And, so much of it is ridiculous. Hate Crime? Is there any other kind? Hate speech? Who gets to decide what is hate speech? The minority? Or, those “brilliant” college kids who are at the stage of Life where they believe they know everything and have the right to make US believe it, too. They believe that because their college professors and the media keep telling them that.

But, Life is the best teacher. And, they might find that society doesn’t always conform to their standards. At least, I hope so.

So, hands off my dishwasher. And, while you’re at it, don’t tell me what to think, do or say. Don’t think you have the right to regulate all aspects of my life. Don’t force me to adhere to your philosophies. After all, your ideas, comments, and demands offend me………..and, if we follow the Libs’ playbook, no one should be allowed to offend me!


I think I’ve coined a new word….wordaphobic. It means being afraid to use a word — any word — that might, somehow, maybe, perhaps, offend someone, somewhere, someplace!

This process began many years ago when a janitor became a custodian…..a garbage collector morphed into a maintenance worker. There was nothing wrong with either of the original job descriptions……but, in a move to equality, we HAD to relabel many jobs and things in our society so no one’s feelings were hurt.

I’m not saying there weren’t pejorative words that hurt. Many of my generation, including me, were bullied at some point in our lives. The difference is that we didn’t try to change the bully, we ignored them. We complained to our friends and parents….and, then, we realized the bully had the problem, not us…..and, we moved on.

The Woke Community of today, though, does not believe that adults are mature enough to weather derogatory talk….or, words. It would seem that their motivation is to protect society from words they deem to be hurtful. But, underlying their language control is a more sinister motivation. They want control.

If they can control conversations, they can control society in many more ways. Witness the lockdowns that destroyed businesses and children’s learning. The Woke culture is working for mind control and then, control of all phases of life.

It might seem a jump to go from word suppression to mind control and then complete control of society, but that is often how dictatorships gain dominance. First, they mandate only certain types of public speech are allowed. Then, they corral those who speak out anyway. Next is to divide society into “approved” groups and attach labels to unapproved groups. Then, an “expert”, or governmental bureaucrat, begins to order even personal lives and businesses. At this point, we have a dictatorship.

So, I was appalled today to find that the word “indian” was not accepted in a word game. It had all the right letters and length. But, obviously, it is an unaccepted word despite there being Indian tribes on reservations all over the United States. I have a distant Menominee Grandmother and it is likely that others here in Wisconsin do, too. We’re proud of that connection and see no harm in the word “indian”.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, though, because the Lie-berals have already condemned so many words and created terms to divide Americans into the Woke Society — those who know what is right for everyone — and the rest of us peons who simply need to be re-educated.

It’s time to give individuals back the right to speak freely without the media excoriating them for their “wrong” ideas. Stop calling all Caucasians “white supremacists”. Stop telling me I have to guard my words because someone else doesn’t like them. Tell the college kids that part of Life is being tolerant and they do not have the right to suppress free speech. Tell them to grow up and act like adults if they want to be treated like adults.

So, while I would never intentionally try to hurt someone with my words or actions, I fully intend to keep using words as I see fit! Yes, I am Caucasian and NOT a white supremacist. Yes, I have Indian blood in me and am proud of it. And, yes, I will defend my right to say or do these things from any Wordaphobic!

Democrats and the Sex “Trade”

Democrats would have us believe that the only group that has rights in America is the LGBT group. In the past, there were instances of prejudice against non-traditionally oriented people. And, although there were definitely people ostracized for their sexual orientation, generally, most of us did not feel the need to condemn nor justify these people. Live and let live was the norm.

However, today, the Lie-berals are demanding that everyone acknowledge gay rights and, further, that we promote and praise the concept. The NFL, MLB, and corporations are sponsoring Gay Pride events. Democrats bray about society’s “inability” to accept the “diversity” — by which they mean aberrant behaviour. And, somehow, the media has become the spokesman for them. You can no longer voice your opinion if it counters gay rights. You will be pilloried incessantly by the media… boards….and, maybe even your Lie-beral neighbors.

Almost worse, the incessant demands for “equal” rights (read MORE rights than the rest of us) have morphed into other traditional areas. Abortion used to be considered a last ditch effort. Now, it is considered a birth control method by Democrats. The proponents want us to forget that the baby is a living being that feels pain and NOT just a blob of tissue. And, if you’re opposed to abortion on religious grounds? Too bad.

Free speech used to be guaranteed by the Constitution. Now, some Democrats want to redo the Constitution in their own “likeness”. Democrats ignore that free speech is the basis of a vibrant country where every opinion and thought is valued and NOT a country where only their opinions matter. The Covid shutdown was the worst suppression of free speech our country has ever seen with scientists muzzled if they didn’t follow the “company” (Government/Fauci/Birx) line. Even yet, there are people trying to restrict our freedoms with masks and shut downs, despite there being incontrovertible evidence that the Covid virus is too small to be restrained by masks! The damage to our children is incalculable…slower reading skills….social skills lost…..math skills way behind.

The worst, though, is the movement by the Left to brainwash children into thinking they are not really born male or female. The Left would sacrifice our children to endless medical procedures, surgeries, and lifelong pain even though children are legally unable to make such decisions. They do NOT have the mental capacity to weigh such life altering procedures.

But, no matter. The Left continues to demand everyone adhere to their will. Children will be drugged and mutilated without parental consent. Parents are NOT allowed to even know what their children are being taught in schools nor if their children are being “transitioned” to another sex without parental knowledge or consent.

Once upon a time, most believed that the “sex trade” meant kidnapping people and selling them into sexual servitude. That remains ONE of the meanings.

Democrats, though, have given a new meaning to “sex trade”. They have demanded, protested, and lobbied in favor of every form of non-traditional activity. They profess to believe that a baby’s sex at birth is not a fact. They agree with treating children as guinea pigs for every new theory that the Lie-berals concoct, including sexual transitioning and brain washing. Drag shows in Kindergarten….drag queens in community parades….gay pride lights at the White House…what comes next? Will there be house to house searches to weed out those of us who oppose such inhumane procedures?

It’s scary to think that anyone would go along with this madness. But, the Democrats will do anything to win votes. They will sacrifice everything except their power thrones in our legislatures. Let’s not let them win this battle for the new “SEX TRADE” which is usurping our traditional values for aberrant behaviours that only the Lie-berals believe in.

The Democrat Party — the party of hate…..

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Democrats are masters at spewing hatred and divisive comments about Conservatives or people with Traditional values.

Even President Biden, who claimed he would unite Americans, still routinely lies and makes ridiculous charges against anyone who dares to disagree with him and his policies without any concern that it divides the country even more.  Winning is all that matters to him. 

Yes, Biden and his fellow Democrats are destroying our country with their ugly comments.  The latest instance of nasty rhetoric comes from that charmer, James Carville who said:

Carville: ‘Level of White Trashdom in the Republican Party Is Staggering

While James Carville is known for his over-the-top hate, this is evidence that Democrats feel free to say or do anything because there are no repercussions.  They know that the media will publish their vitriol no concern for its newsworthy value and, certainly without any opposing opinion. 

Carville, with his antagonistic attitude is truly part of the problem our society faces as we try to be the United States of America.  And, running right alongside him are the Democrats and the hate they project every day. It’s easy to see that the Democrat Party  is truly a party full of hate.