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Let’s pull the polls…..

Every day, there is a poll taken somewhere, somehow, about something or someone and the results are always “BREAKING NEWS”!

Unfortunately, most of the polls are a waste of money because they ask a question that anyone with common sense could answer without hesitation. Lie-berals favor these types of polls because the polls might help them sway public opinion. But, most of the polls, including the latest poll, breathlessly reported on yahoo, is that a majority of those polled favor raising taxes on the “rich”.

Wow. I can imagine how difficult that question was to answer.

Pollster: If you had the chance to make a rich person give you some of their money, would you rather get that money for free…..or, would you prefer to work and earn money to support yourself?

Oh, the turmoil that question must have caused!

Respondent: Oh me, oh my. I’ll have to think about that. Let’s see…..whether to work or sit around and just have money handed to me. What a difficult decision. Oh, I know. I definitely prefer to have the rich taxed more and have that money given to ME!!!!

Please. Talk about slanting a question. Ask the question in the right way and you can configure the answer you want to hear.

What if the question had been asked this way?

Pollster: Even though the rich have worked hard and earned every single dollar they have, would you really believe it is fair that they should be required to give you some of that money, especially when you have been just sitting around and doing nothing, not even looking for employment? And, do you understand that the rich actually pay almost all of the total income tax for the entire country?

Respondent: Well, I don’t know. I guess that, if you put it that way, maybe they deserve to keep their own money.

You would never hear of a pollster asking a question in that manner because that would not elicit the response the Lie-berals want to hear. Oh, no, Lie-berals want to hear that the rich deserve nothing, not even to keep their own money. Polls are a farce for the most part.

So, polls be damned. It’s time to “pull” the polls and not try to manufacture public outrage with fake polls.