Monthly Archives: December 2014


We have lost our way in this country.  We allow criminals to trample other people and other peoples’ property.  We allow the violent loss of life and property because we don’t want to offend the “protestors”.

It all began when the PC police decided that illegal aliens — those who were in the USA illegally –can stay.  In fact, we must give them driver’s licenses, Social Security, and other welfare benefits.  And we MUST NOT  CALL THEM ILLEGAL ALIENS, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE.  And, once we said it was okay for millions of illegal aliens to stay, the rule of law was in ruins.

The protestors in California destroyed property, supposedly in the pursuit of “justice”.  But, justice is following the rule of law!  If you allow criminals to pulverize others’ property or to attack police officers, you are  condoning the criminal behaviour.  And, you are shredding the rights of the law-abiding citizens.

It’s true that Black men were killed by the police;  but, there seems to be no attempt to discuss the deaths on a factual level. ……to show that the officer was in fear of his own life.  If you aim a gun at a police officer, or don’t comply with his orders, you must expect to be taken down forcefully.  That is not to say that indiscriminate shooting by the police is acceptable.  But, they, too, should have the right to defend themselves.

Protestors are vilifying the police based on these latest deaths of Black men.  “Black Lives matter”  is their cause celebre.  And, of course,Bblack lives matter.  But, so do the lives of the police officers.  And, if the protestors would check out the facts, they would see that at least two of the three recent deaths of Black men were the result of a Black men threatening of  the police, not vice versa.

These events are NOT attempts by policemen to kill black men. These deaths are the direct result of men not following a police man’s orders.  The fact that the men were black is a tangential issue, if it even is an issue.   If a policeman sees a gun, the race of the person holding the gun is immaterial.  No matter whether the gun-h0lder is black, green, purple, white, or red, the gun is what the police officer must defuse.

Anyone pointing a gun at a police officer is committing a criminal act and must expect to face the consequences of his actions as should  anyone destroying stores or personal property.  These people pointing guns or destroying property are criminals.  Criminal acts, by definition, can never be considered legal or justified even IF you think you have been dealt with wrongly.

So, please stop holding the protestors up as example of people seeking to correct a wrong.  Let’s stop rationalizing the violent actions of some  protestors because, no matter the reason,  the riots and looting are not justified,  The fact is that the Black men were wrong and they suffered the consequences of their actions.  Criminals commit criminal acts.  The police save us from those criminals and criminal acts.  So, rather than vilifying the police, let’s give them a hand.  And, let’s let them do the job they were hired to do.  Stop Criminals!