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Regretfully, Obama

Obama expresses ‘deep regret’ over Koran burning


Well, it’s the beginning of another day, and another chance for President Obama to insult America!

By sending “his” regrets, President Obama has once again bought into Muslim anger over the Koran burning even while he is actively pressuring Pro-Life groups to pay for medical procedures they vehemently oppose.  So, Obama sends his “regrets” to Karzai and yet he gives his finger to Catholics.  Sounds about right for our PC President!

Can’t any of our public figures, especially our President, stand up for American and Christian values?

Why are Muslims allowed to censor anybody, anywhere, and for anything they find “offensive” ?  Personally, I find it offensive when Muslims try to thwart American laws and yet, they still want all the rights of American citizenship.  I find it offensive when our President bows to foreign rulers, as if America must be subject to their values and culture systems.  I find it offensive that every word I say, and every thing I write, and everything in the public arena, must conform to Muslim values.

It’s time for President Obama to stand up for America and Americans. Rather than send regrets,  Obama HAS to demand reparations for the two American soldiers killed in reprisal for the burning of the Korans.  It’s time for Obama to praise America and her universal generosity with our soldiers’ lives and with our donations.  Obama HAS to celebrate America for its immediate concern for others in times of war and in times of natural disasters than America.

Regretfully, Obama will not do this.  Regretfully, Obama wants to blame America for all the ills of the world.  Regretfully, Obama wants to destroy American values and superimpose the failed policies of other countries.  Regretfully, Obama has one more year to extend high unemployment, a recession from his uninformed economic policies, and his tax and spend policies.

Regretfully………………..our country needs help and, regretfully, we only have Obama!


Samuel Jackson — Racist!

Racism, as Samuel Jackson proves, is alive and well in America:

Isn’t it ironic that those of us who preferred McCain, with his extensive background in a multitude of areas, to President Obama, who had no executive experience….well, no experience in anything except rabble rousing….are called “racist” while those who openly admit their vote for Obama was based on Obama’s skin color alone are not called racist?  Isn’t it ironic that I will be criticized as being racist for calling Samuel Jackson to account for HIS professed racism?  When will we begin to stop using skin color as a reason for personal aggrandizement or personal advancement?

Racism is NOT just white against black.  Racism is ANY judgment of another person based solely on the skin color or ethnicity.  And, Jackson’s admission is not surprising considering that almost 90% of our Americans, who happen to be “black”, voted for Obama.  BUT, it is still a sad commentary on how some Americans pledge their allegiance.

For years, we’ve heard stories of racism directed against blacks, Japanese, Hmong, etc.  And, some of those stories are undoubtedly true.  But, racism is color blind.  A black man, such as Samuel Jackson, who claims he voted for Obama, based on skin color alone, is just as racist as anyone who voted for McCain because McCain is white!

So, when Samuel Jackson claims he voted based only on a candidate’s skin color, that is RACISM.  When 90% of blacks voted for Obama, that is RACISM.  When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton constantly criticize any issue that involves black and white with the duo always agreeing with the blacks involved, THAT IS RACISM.

If America is truly the land of opportunity, then we should be trying to STOP such racism, not just redirect it against another group.  Everybody deserves an equal opportunity.  But, that opportunity cannot come at the expense of another because government should not be picking winners and losers.  Yet, continuing to create divides between Americans is what Obama has thrived on.  He NEEDS those blacks to support him, regardless of his policies.

However, such blind adoration is not only risky, it is racist.  Oh, yes.  Racism is definitely thriving in America.  And, yes, Samuel Jackson is marching at the head of the parade.  Samuel Jackson is a Racist!

Broken eggs…………..–20120209

The Republican candidates are President Obama’s best friends right now.  All of them are so eager to be THE Republican candidate that they are tearing each other to shreds and giving Democrats not only a perfect format and ammunition for attacking whoever succeeds as the Republican nominee;  but, they are also offending us conservatives who expect better behaviour from  candidates.

Santorum’s latest pledge to attack Governor Romney and Santorum’s startling bile is NOT going to win him any friends anywhere, except in Democratic circles.  Neither did Gingrich win the brass ring with his accusations against one and all.  Politics is a dirty business and we know it.  However, most conservatives would like to think that our party, and our candidates are more noble than the opposition. We all know that it takes a large ego and even arrogance to run for the Presidency.  However, we all also expect that, behind the public facade, there will be an upright person with a strong moral compass rather someone who is more akin to weather vane, swinging in the political breezes.  Isn’t it time to rise above the fray, like Ronald Reagan, and at least keep the nasty remarks about fellow Republicans to yourself?

I wonder if Santorum’s in-your-face political stances will help him?  I know they are destroying the coalition he  would need to be elected.  It’s sad that Santorum’s recent victories have puffed him up and he no longer cares about anything but winning.  Unfortunately, he now sees his political competition as an “enemy”, rather than as just his opposition.  He fails to understand that, even if he destroys his political opponents, he,  Santorum, will lose the good will of people like me and my husband.

There is a phrase that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.  However, this election should be about weightier objectives, such as firing a President who has led us into so much unemployment that over a million people no longer are looking for jobs.  This election should be about repairing our standing in the world which Obama has demolished.  This election should be about electing a fiscally responsible person to bring America back into economic prosperity.

It should NOT be about ridiculing your opposition which is more like you than different AND certainly better than President Obama and his Lieberal policies!  It should NOT be a public excoriation of your opponents.  It should NOT be spilling bile, all in the hopes of building yourself up.

Because,  Santorum’s offensive behaviour and insulting comments are  like broken eggs…once broken, they cannot be made “right” again.    And, you know that Obama and his minions will be there to crunch the broken shells.  And, that means that Obama will coast to re-election.  Then, the “yoke” will be on Republicans!