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Talk’s cheap

Politicians have always used the gift of blarney to inform the voting public of their own achievements, skills, and philosophies. This year, though, Obama has used the gift of gab to catapult himself into first place in the Democratic party.

What are his skills or achievements that would allow him to put his philosphy into place? Why is he so upset that one or two debate moderators would ask him “tough” questions?

In fact, he has not had time to develop the skills nor the achievements that would make him a good President. He might be charming and he speaks better than most; but, he has no experience in running any form of our government. He has never worn a uniform so he could not empathize with our soldiers nor could he run a good strategy session with our military leaders. He has never had to balance a state budget, so he doesn’t understand the intricacies of economics.

So, why should he be President? He uses his speaking ability to cover all his inadequacies. He uses words to attack those who would question his abilities, rather than explain WHY he could handle the presidency.

Oh, yes. He is a master orator. But, is he qualified to be President? The American voting public must scrutinize this talking head carefully to understand that the voice is not the man. The man is a charming, handsome orator. He dos not merit your vote just because of these qualities. After all, talk’s cheap.

Me think thou dost protest too much

Everybody has a gripe these days. The Democrats don’t like the President’s ______, well you name it. People are marching against China’s human rights record. Students are protesting that their student loans are too high. There are protests about the increase in foreclosures.

What do these have in common? Well, in most cases, these protestors expect the United States government to cure the ills of the world. No wonder the Democrats side with any and every protest against the current world situation. For, in truth, the Democrats brag about their many accomplishments, but can name few.

Instead of working toward better conditions in China, these protestors think all they have to do is yell a bit. Those people being foreclosed upon might have been defrauded by lenders, but more likely, they were greedy and seized the money, disregarding the possible consequences. The Democrats talk loftily, but usually want to solve all problems by throwing money at it! Their legacy will be, as with most protestors, mostly hot air.

The only cure for most of these problems is for those involved to set down their loud speakers and actively WORK toward solutions. If you made an unwise loan, well, that is up to you to make right, not the rest of the American citizens who are responsibly repaying their loans. Democrats should stop vilifying and start working for us.

So, to all the new “street people”, i.e., the protestors, be quiet! Most of us are tired of your griping with the expectation that someone ELSE will take care of your problems. Yelling, carrying signs, and clogging our streets won’t solve anything. Go home and think about solutions. Then, work toward those solutions.

But.. This year will be different.

Read This!

For the past few years the Global Warming Alarmists have been all over, saying higher hurricane frequency proves global warming. So, the past 2 years have been very mundane, with almost 0 hitting the US soil. I like how they’re saying, this year will be above average.

It’s like someone will keep saying it, and odds are one year will be above average (50% odds actually), and when it comes true, they’ll say it proves their point.

The only think they are proving is that they are numb-nuts.

-Mr. Knowledge

Tell Me What’s Wrong Here?

Story was a false. But the post is still true. Why did people condemn her, when if the story were true, she’d of had her Freedom of Speech removed.

The real issue is the LIEberals want freedom of speech when it’s for their purpose, but condemn anyone who uses it and they don’t agree with it.


The real kicker? The responses from people on People calling her out as wrong, and this and that. One even said “i bet $100 she did not only just pass the sign. I’m positive she or her friends most likely sparked the incident (calling names or verbally abuse the latinos)”.

What is this country coming to? Freedom of speech. It doesn’t matter what the sign says. She has every right to have it. But the fact that they defend the kids from beating her? That is downright sick.

This story isn’t even a political story. Change the viewpoint. A mexican with a sign, “Fuck White Americans”, gets beat up, and everyone and their mother, including the worthless ACLU would be up in arms.

-Mr. Knowledge

Thanks, but no thanks

This week, Wisconsin elected a new Supreme Court justice, Gableman. He is reputed to be more conservative than the justice, Butler, that he beat. In today’s paper, a New York lib and a national lib both claimed that this was the “dirtiest, most low-down, and the worst for the country’s courts, of any race EVER”. Well, that’s not a quote, but it is pretty close.

These two “authorities” both claimed that all courts would suffer based on the tone of this campaign and the fact that a conservative won.

Well, here are a few facts:

1 – The people of Wisconsin voted 51-49% for Gableman . That margin is enough to show that Wisconsinites really DID want Gableman over Butler and that his victory was not an error in counting.

2 – Butler was appointed by Governor Doyle. He never won election to gain his seat. Maybe Wisconsinites really wanted HIM out!

3 – Libs, i.e., Democrats, always label any vote that is not to their liking as “dirty, worst, yada yada” type of affair. They always imply dire consequences to any race they lose. In fact, they always label EVERYTHING! And, everything that is not their idea is wrong, wrong, wrong.

4 – They never give anyone other than themselves credit for understanding that conservatives really give individuals more power over their own affairs and that the liberal philosophy would soon have the government even determining what we eat! Witness one New York theory that was floated a while back.

So, Mr. New York man, and Mr. National Expert, you are wrong. Wisconsinites are smart. We are smart enough to know what we want, why we want it, and how to get it. We don’t need you evaluating our votes as something other than good citizens joining together to make our state a better place.

The next time you think we need your opinions, think again! Thanks, but no thanks.