Thanks, but no thanks

This week, Wisconsin elected a new Supreme Court justice, Gableman. He is reputed to be more conservative than the justice, Butler, that he beat. In today’s paper, a New York lib and a national lib both claimed that this was the “dirtiest, most low-down, and the worst for the country’s courts, of any race EVER”. Well, that’s not a quote, but it is pretty close.

These two “authorities” both claimed that all courts would suffer based on the tone of this campaign and the fact that a conservative won.

Well, here are a few facts:

1 – The people of Wisconsin voted 51-49% for Gableman . That margin is enough to show that Wisconsinites really DID want Gableman over Butler and that his victory was not an error in counting.

2 – Butler was appointed by Governor Doyle. He never won election to gain his seat. Maybe Wisconsinites really wanted HIM out!

3 – Libs, i.e., Democrats, always label any vote that is not to their liking as “dirty, worst, yada yada” type of affair. They always imply dire consequences to any race they lose. In fact, they always label EVERYTHING! And, everything that is not their idea is wrong, wrong, wrong.

4 – They never give anyone other than themselves credit for understanding that conservatives really give individuals more power over their own affairs and that the liberal philosophy would soon have the government even determining what we eat! Witness one New York theory that was floated a while back.

So, Mr. New York man, and Mr. National Expert, you are wrong. Wisconsinites are smart. We are smart enough to know what we want, why we want it, and how to get it. We don’t need you evaluating our votes as something other than good citizens joining together to make our state a better place.

The next time you think we need your opinions, think again! Thanks, but no thanks.

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