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Hot Head….

Ok… so usually I’m a hot head, which most people including the Mom Team will verify. But, I think I know more about what’s going on than 95% of the people in this country. I have been pulled, and pulled, and finally that rubber-band has snapped.

Kevin Barret, the useless pile of rat shit who teaches at UW-Madison is at it yet. I just recieved an email that he is having a lecture in a building on campus. Now what really gives me a red ass is the fact it’s this Sunday, and it is not a normal lecture. He’s just lecturing on 9/11 and the conspiracys. Ok, I pay for the buildings on this campus. I don’t want to pay money to upkeep building where idiots who couldn’t find their ass with 2 hands to lecture people on subjects that are false.

You see, academic freedom means you have the right to teach anything you want. The only problem with that, is you can’t teach lies. I wish I was a famous professor, and I would hold a class teaching that black people are less smart than white people. In all honesty, it’s more of a fact than is 9/11 was a conspiracy. I bet you with 99% certainty, that white people are on average smarter than black’s. This isn’t racist, it’s stats libs. I bet you I would be fired because, that isn’t real, just an attempt to push my own theory. Well this conspiracy is the same thing.

This post may be badly written, but I’m in a pissed off mood. Take it as you see it. I hate liberals, pure and simple. As in a previous post about Lieberman,, I explain my distain for libs. They are egotistical idiots. They push their own agenda, even if it means disaster for the future and for Americans.

It’s the old joke about the girl and the kittens. If you don’t remember, I’ll re-tell the joke. “So this girl has some newborn kittens. The preacher comes around and asks her what kind of kittens she has. She’s like, ‘These are liberal kittens’. So the preacher leves and returns the next week and is like, ‘So how are those liberal kittens?’ and the girl responds, ‘Oh, they aren’t liberal kittens anymore, they are republican kittens now.’ The preacher says, ‘Well they were liberal kittens last week.’ The girl responds, ‘Well last week they had their eyes and ears closed.'”

– Mr. Knowledge

Whom to trust

Former Presidents Carter and Clinton have apparently undergone a miraculous experience. They now know ALL THE ANSWERS!

And, apparently, the answers always run contrary to whatever our current President Bush is doing, saying, thinking, or feeling. Wow. It is so comforting to realize that President Carter, aka “Give away the canal regardless of what the American people want”, and President Clinton, of “I tried and failed” vintage, can now positively tell the American public how to solve every world crises.

Unfortunately, the only part of their plan articulated is to throw out Republicans. Then, these two Democratic icons claim all the world’s problems will be fixed.

Forget that both of these lackluster, former Presidents were renowned world-wide as indecisive leaders who allowed terrorism to gain ground through their inability to deal forcefully and immediately with aggression and violence. President Carter was too busy asking his daughter, about 10 years old at the time, what she thought of the world situation. President Clinton was too busy asking……….well, we all know what he was thinking and doing. Both of them failed in their duties as President and now want to change history so that the blame falls on the current administration.

Well, I am old enough to remember both of these men and their tenure. Frankly, neither of them were effective in the Oval Office. The United States’ foreign policy was given away to the UN and anyone else who cared to tell us what to do. Rather than a resolute, pro-American stance, these two twisted in the political winds of their time. With their past debacles, why would anyone trust or believe them now?

But, they claim that they know better now. Let’s hope the American voters do, too.

Privacy and the public’s right to know

Today, the press are avidly reporting about the personal life of an NFL player. You all know whom I am speaking of because the reports are the “news of the day”.

Who cares if someone else’s personal life is ripped to shreds? After all, this player is notoriously difficult to deal with. He is not a “nice” man, according to some.

We all should care.

First, the news reports could be erroneous. Medicine can have strange reactions on any of us. Sometimes aberrant behaviour is merely the body’s attempt to cope with a new chemical imbalance, often caused by drugs — and, yes, even prescribed drugs can have this effect.

Secondly, EVERYONE deserves to have their privacy, especially their medical privacy, guarded. This is a story about an individual and the problem is not linked to the public’s safety at all. Whether a police report contains such information or not, some information does not belong in the public domain. This story is one of them.

Thirdly, where is the advantage to the public, or individual, by the reporting of this story? If this person did attempt suicide, the public humiliation is not going to help him out of his depression. If the person did NOT attempt suicide, this story forever taints the player’s reputation. The only person helped by revealing this news is the reporter himself (or herself).

How terrible that someone disregards another person’s rights to privacy, possible future health, and even career, in a frantic drive to be “first” to break a purported tragedy! In this case, the public’s right to know is dwarfed, or should be, by the victim’s right to deal with this issue in his own time and way.

Whether it becomes public knowledge simply by appearing on the police blotter is immaterial. All of us should consider whether our demand for such stories is worth the cost to the human being suffering the tragedy.

Shame on our legal system for not protecting the privacy of every citizen from career-driven reporters.

Shame on the media for promoting this story with such gleeful avidity.

Shame on us for not telling the media to keep their nose out of someone’s private misery.

E-Web Webbing Again

So I got into this argument with this guy at work known as E-Web. Biggest lib I’ve known personally. The long of the short is he was trying to explain why Christians are in theory, not practicing what they preach. His idea was that if Jesus loved everyone, and we took him as our saviour then the fact that we don’t believe everyone gets into heaven if they do not believe in Jesus is double talk.

I don’t know much about Christianity, but I do know he is an idiot. His whole point is flawed from trying to realize what Christianity is. Does he not realize that it says believe in God, and only one Him?

Then he tried to rip on Christians who were upset with the Da Vinci Code. I agree, I think people are really stupid. It’s just a book/movie that’s fiction. So I asked him what he thought about the muslims who were irate over those Danish cartoons. Well, since in muslim culture some things are off limits for humor so he see’s why they are ok to be mad. Um, lagot, I don’t believe Christians like you ripping on our Lord either.

It’s this double standard that makes me want to get up and beat down liberals. It’s ok for muslims to go irate and riot when we have 1 in 10000000 cartoons about them. But, if a cartoon is something ripping on Christianity, which alot more are, then I’ll be damned if even the Pope can say anything.

It’s like this in politics. I read a good quote the other day. Bush had 8 months to stop 9/11. Clinton had 8 years. Yet everyone blames Bush.

And finally, a sad day. Byron Nelson passed away today. Another legend of golf gone. Go Freddy.

– Mr. Knowledge

Discretion, Common sense and Self control

Why can’t the media show a little discretion, common sense and self control?

Yes, freedom of speech guarantees the media’s right to publish pretty much anything. Yes, the American public has a right to know what is happening here and in the world. And, yes, the Iranian president is coming to the UN.

But, knowing that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and that Amandinejad is fervantly anti-Israel, why not use some discretion in reporting his visit? Banish the news article to a back page somewhere — like the classifieds! Why let a monster have the benefit of such wide and generally positive media exposure? Discretion is still the better part of valor.

Common sense tells us that publicity strengthens his hateful message and everytime he appears on tv, or in print, he wins a little. Common sense questions why Russia, China, and even Germany, are afraid to confront this mid-east beast. Ask why anyone continues to pretend that Iran’s arguments are logical when everyone knows that a nuclear Iran would be a threat to world peace. Ask the UN and Annan why they want to strengthen Iran? If any of them are honest, they all seek to weaken America and Israel in order to improve their own status in the world community. Common sense says that these are questions the media should be, but are not, asking.

Knowing this, where is the media’s self control in selecting headlines? Where is the media of yesteryear who were instrumental in defeating America’s enemies through their judicious reporting? Where is the media who would choose not to publish headline which only serve the career of the journalist? Self control by the media has served our country well in the past, and could be important in our war against terror.

We should not only expect but demand that the media develop some discretion, common sense and self control. Supporting America should be the mantra of our media! Otherwise, soon that media, and perhaps the world, will be in the same position as the Iranian media — under the thumb of a cruel, aggressive, bigoted dictator.

Proof is in the Pudding

Isn’t it ironic that the Pope reads an excerpt from someone else that states that the Islam faith is too often promoted by radicals through violent means…. and immediately, radical Islamists protest through riots, horrendous threats, burning the Pope in effigy, destroying churches, and, in general, threatening to kill, maim, and destroy the “infidels”. Don’t these violent actions pretty much prove the point?


A person of diversity and acceptance keyed my car.

I always liked that bumper sticker because it really has a strong statement. Liberals claim they are all peace loving, but never let them know you are republican otherwise your car, house even life may be in danger. Would I ever put a Support The Troops sticker on my car? Hell no. Even though supporting the troops is not a political view, liberals, who mostly do not suppor the troops, would take it I’m republican and teach me a lesson. I’m not talking just talking about anti-war people, I’m talking about anti-troop, which is horrible.

Watching O’Reilly last night I saw a clip of Rosie ‘Fat Ass Lesbian Bitch’ O’Donnell arguing that radical Christians are just as bad as radical Muslims. Now wait a minute? The radical Muslims want to kill anyone who is not Muslim. I don’t know of any Christians with that same ideal.

– Mr. Knowledge