A person of diversity and acceptance keyed my car.

I always liked that bumper sticker because it really has a strong statement. Liberals claim they are all peace loving, but never let them know you are republican otherwise your car, house even life may be in danger. Would I ever put a Support The Troops sticker on my car? Hell no. Even though supporting the troops is not a political view, liberals, who mostly do not suppor the troops, would take it I’m republican and teach me a lesson. I’m not talking just talking about anti-war people, I’m talking about anti-troop, which is horrible.

Watching O’Reilly last night I saw a clip of Rosie ‘Fat Ass Lesbian Bitch’ O’Donnell arguing that radical Christians are just as bad as radical Muslims. Now wait a minute? The radical Muslims want to kill anyone who is not Muslim. I don’t know of any Christians with that same ideal.

– Mr. Knowledge

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