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The new “doctors”

Neil Cavuto seems to fancy himself a medical guru. Maybe he even believes he knows as much as doctors. Ha ha! His ego was certainly on display last night when he heatedly disagreed with President Trump’s opinion that hydroxychloriquin might help corona virus patients. Why did he think we cared what his opinion was? He is, at best, a reporter and we really do not need him pontificating about medical matters.

After all, there are as many doctors who believe hydroxychloriquin might be helpful as those who disagree with the efficacy of that drug. And, if Neil wants to be fair and balanced, why did he not bring back the doctor from Monday’s show who argued that hydroxychloriquin DOES HELP some patients? Despite her maintaining that it was proper to let the doctor and the patient decide, Neil continued to argue with her, too. And, he did NOT bring her back. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Other problems with Mr. Cavuto’s diatribe is that he isn’t considering all the other experts. Why is Mr Cavuto dismissing the White House doctor who prescribed it? Why is Cavuto ignoring what the head of the VA said about the critical problems with the “VA study”. Why is he ignoring that the study he references had 40% of patients who took hydroxychloriquin improving. He only says that 60% were not helped. Well, if you would be in the 40% group and someone offered you a potential remedy, I bet you would take the chance.

He also ignores the fact that those who gave the “results” of the VA study did not actually do the study nor did they bother to have it peer reviewed. Nor did they actually interview the patients to know what other problems they had. In fact, all of the patients of that VA study were already seriously ill. When Cavuto says that “some died!”, he might be correct. But, seriously ill patients dying is not a news flash. And, though it is tragic to hear of someone dying, they were a distinct minority of those studied.

Lastly, if the media’s golden boy, former President Obama, had mentioned taking hydroxychloriquin, the media would have thrown a ticker tape parade to honor him for his “courage” and his “willingness ” to take a drug that might harm him. They would have crowned him a hero for exposing himself to that danger!

But, Neil Cavuto has joined the media who are determined to destroy President Trump. They don’t care that President Trumphas created a historically good economy nor that his actions have improved almost everyone’s economic welfare. They don’t care that President Trump’s legacy will be one of health and wealth for America. They prefer to dwell on trivia.

Enough! Try to read your script and don’t ad lib. You’re just not good enough. You certainly don’t know enough to opine on medical matters1

If Neil wants to play doctor, let him go home and do it in the privacy of his own home. Quit pretending you know what is best for us because, most of us prefer to let our own doctor — a real doctor –advise US! And, maybe Mr. Cavuto should consider letting the White House doctor advice our President.