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The broken rule of law…

Americans, it is said, enjoy more freedom than anywhere else in the world because we are supposed to be a country of laws. Every man or woman is to be treated equally under our laws. However, that is no longer true. The proof lies in the last few years of absolute tyranny by Democrats who conspired with governmental agencies to abrogate laws to derail political opponents and to foster a Progressive agenda.

The FBI willingly consorted with a political party (the Dems) to defeat a Conservative President, Trump, because they hate the man. The CIA colluded with the FBI, Democrats, and especially the Biden family, in this crime. The media lied and obscured facts detrimental to the Democrats……..all to win an election and keep in power!

And, now, thanks to the IRS and the demented, partisan, Jan 6 committee, NONE of us can expect privacy for our tax returns which privacy is guaranteed BY LAW.

It is the most egregious crime by any political party or administration or governmental agency because:

BY LAW, tax records are sealed from all except auditors of the IRS, unless a Court determines those records are intrinsic to a case.

BY LAW, we must answer personal, financial questions or face severe penalties, even prison, if our most private, personal, financial information is not fully detailed on our tax returns.

BY LAW, these auditors are required to keep ALL records confidential.

So, how did the Jan 6 committee get the private tax returns for President Trump?

Unfortunately, an obsessed Congressional committee convinced an equally obsessed administration that a former President’s tax records should be given to them. That administration leaned on the IRS who caved and coughed the returns up. And, that same committee conspired to release those records to the public because……….well………because the records were Trump’s ……….and they despise him and desperately want to convict him of something…..anything…..

That committee disregarded the sanctity of tax returns thus breaking the law they are sworn to uphold.

Many will say “ho hum. It’s worth it “to ‘get’ Trump for something.” But, if a former President’s confidential tax filings are not sacrosanct, why imagine that ours are?

Plus, having been in business, I can confidently say that a business’ tax returns are so voluminous and complicated that most CEOs rely upon their tax advisers and preparers to make sure the tax returns are accurate. With the multitudinous business entities that fly under Trump’s name, it would have been almost impossible for him to scrutinize each and every return. No, I’m sure he trusted his lawyers and tax firms to do their job correctly and honestly.

Secondly, the tax code itself is a horrendously complicated business. Does anyone truly understand all the “if this, then that. If not that, then this” questions? If it weren’t such a complicated affair, we all would do our own returns and save money. But, because it is so complicated, we ask “experts” to do the job. And, if those experts fail to do something — maybe because even they did not understand — it does NOT make the person who signs the form guilty of anything.

It was bound to happen when a partisan administration took control of every facet of American life. But, now that it has happened, expect other Democrats and Lie-berals to continue demanding what should be private information because…………well……..because they and their interests are more important than our privacy and much more important than any old tax law.

It’s a new day in America all right. A new day where the FBI spies on Americans. Where the CIA gives credence to false documents to derail a political opponent’s candidacy. Where governmental agencies are willing to break laws, lie to Congress, and invade our private lives……all BECAUSE THEY CAN!

BEWARE. If they come for former Presidents, can any of us be far behind?

Bumbling Biden

Although everyone can see that President Biden is not quite “all there”, he is also “not here”. His failing, and failed, mental abilities are evident to anyone who sees him or hears him.

Making a statement like that demands proof. I offer the following to anyone who will listen with an open mind.

1…The Afghanistan withdrawal which gives Iran the upper hand in the region was roundly criticized by almost the entire world.

2..His failure to quell the rising, violent attacks on Conservatives — even the Supreme Court Justices — by his fellow Democrats has led to an increase in violence against Conservatives. His turning a blind eye to that violence, and other crimes against stores has increased the number of thefts. His passing on states releasing violent felons means that more Americans will suffer violence. Witness the man who attacked another man with a baseball bat and now is out on bail of a mere $7500!

3…By not controlling the border, he has allowed transporting Fentanyl, and other drugs, into our country and trafficking of men, women and children to rise at an alarming rate.

4…His inability to understand basic economics, like inflation’s cost to Americans, means that the supply chains have faltered and basic commodities are too expensive for many Americans. Families are going without food, clothing and other essentials simply due to rising costs of inflation.

5…His obvious disabilities have encouraged the Russians to war against Ukraine, much as Obama’s weakness allowed the Russians to seize Crimea without any reaction from the United States. You cannot allow tyrants to gain even an inch because they will take a mile……or, many miles……… the Russians proved.

6…He allowed Americans to be sequestered, masked, threatened, and their right to pursue happiness, be trampled and all because of a perceived pandemic. Flu comes to the world every yearand, according to statistics, the Chinese flu killed no more people than most flu seasons. He allowed the ransacking of our military because he demanded complete adherence to vaccination rules.

7…The controls he allowed over the American public and scientists meant that any dissenting voice about the flu was smothered. He allowed the media to run with lies and the social media to suppress any voices he disagreed with. Musk’s release of Twitter emails has proven that over and over.

8…To destroy political opponents, he lied, cheated and stole the right of every American to know the truth and vote based on that truth. Biden and his minions completely and covertly controlled the “news” to their own advantage. This exemplifies a level of malice unseen before in our political elections!

9…His weakness allowed the Chinese government to run rampant through our technology. We have always heard that the Chinese are, somehow, superior to us intellectually. For some Chinese compared to some Americans, that might be true., But, the Chinese government’s ambitious efforts to steal our technology really proves only that they are very good thieves.

10…Lastly, he has encouraged others to attack the legal system when he doesn’t like a court’s rulings. Supreme Court rulings have been disregarded. Indeed, some Democrats have openly stated that they will NOT abide by a Court’s decisions. This is NOT following the oath of office to “protect the Constitution”.

All of these actions are detrimental to every American, but because the media is almost completely Lie-beral, they are also ready to conspire to keep Democrats in power. Most media have not even covered Musk’s release of Twitter emails. They suppressed the Hunter Biden story to save President Biden and are still doing so. They continue to pretend that Biden is “all there” when anyone with eyes in their head and ears to hear knows that the President is in serious mental decline….and…..NEITHER HERE NOR THERE! It’s sad that Democrats and Biden’s family and Biden himself will do anything to stay in power..

In fact, their only objective is that Bumbling Biden stay in power because he is their gravy train to financial gain and political prestige.

President Reagan always felt optimism about America’s future. With Biden in the White House, I feel it is the opposite. Indeed, it’s a dark day in America when someone like Bumbling Biden has the keys to power and his finger on the nuclear button.