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So… tell me? Who is this?

A man who does not believe in free speech.

A man who does not believe that people diffrent than him should be treated as equals.

A man who does not believe that women are equal to men.

A man who hates America.

No, it’s not George Bush. No it’s not Ted Kennedy. No it’s not Barack Obama. It’s that a$$-hole from Iran. His name deserves no writing. I bannish his name from this site.

America is great. It is the greatest country on the planet. We believe in freedom. We believe that the people make the decisions, not the Government. Sometimes we let that line get too gray.

When will someone come up to the stage, either democrat or Republican and take action? We need a person who is not influenced by minority groups. No. We need someone who is for the people, who IS the people.

Mr. Knowledge loves America The Beautiful

Greenspan’s "span" is too limited

Alan Greenspan once was considered a financial icon. Unfortunately, with his new book which is simply another missile from the Left, he slides into the same dirty mud hole from which former President Carter often speaks. They believe that they are the only ones with the right answers and publicly denigrate anyone who opposes them.

It’s not news that Carter always was an arrogant man, and old age has not smoothed over his brusque, irritating manner. Undoubtedly, Greenspan believes that the dignity of his former position makes people care what he says now. The bad news is that Greenspan has obviously sunk to the depths of political obstinancy that make his wife such an unbelievable political reporter.

The good news is that Carter and Greenspan make a lovely set of book ends — both are unmoving, unfeeling, and fairly irrelevant to anyone who actually reads. But, they do make a matched set. Greenspan will probably be remembered as well as Carter……..which means, not at all!

The far left hypocrits — a study in irrationality

Given: The following sound bites are loudly proclaimed and scripted by the far left of the Democratic party:

Democrats claim that General Petraeus’ report was compromised, indeed written, by the White House.
Democrats claim that the suggested troop decrease is not enough.
Democrats claim they know how to solve the world’s problems.

Here, however, are the unalterable truths:

General Petraeus himself said he had written the report. Although General Petraeus has a long and honorable history in the military and was unanimously approved by the very ones who now are calling him a liar, the Democrats refuse to give any credence to his report.

The troop reductions need to be measured so as to protect both the American and coalition forces left behind and to protect the Iraquis who have tried to move toward Democracy.

Although the Democrats talk a good story, they have yet to propose a reasonable and intelligent method of dealing with any situation, be it military or domestic. The Democrats seem to think that all issues should be political volley balls rather than seriously considered in terms of what is best for our country.

Answer: The term liberal used to define someone who dealt with issues from the vantage point of government being needed to help solve people’s problems. Conservatives, of course, believed that the public had the intelligence to work out most of their own problems.

In today’s world, the government, as represented by Democrats (or, as my son coined them, the LIEberals) is doing its utmost to upset another political party no matter the cost to our great nation. No wonder the polls show that Congress has the lowest approval rating of any group. The public knows that the far left are the ultimate hypocrits.

More Discrimination?

Whoopi Goldberg was quoted as saying that Michael Vick should not be blamed for killing dogs nor running a dog fighting ring because dog fighting is part of certain cultures. Unfortunately for Whoopi’s argument, it is against the law in America to abuse animals! And, if cultural precedent is the only determining factor in what we can do, here are a few other horrors that could continue under Whoopi’s philosophy.

If her theory holds, then child labor could continue because, in certain cultures, children are routinely sent to work immediately.

Child prostitution would also be acceptable to Whoopi because children have been forced to be sex slaves for years in some countries.

Murdering women would be acceptable because, in some cultures,the wife is considered no more than chattel.

Oh, yeah, and keeping slaves would have been acceptable, too, because — at that time — some cultures thought it was acceptable to kidnap and enslave other human beings!


Discrimination has become an ugly word even though originally a discriminating person was considered a step above the rest of us. Gourmets were praised for their ability to discriminate between common food or wine and finer wines. Everyone wanted to have a connosieur’s discriminating abilities. But, now, everytime there is a controversy which involves people of two different ethnic groups, the flag of “discrimination” is raised.

There are situations where ethnicity becomes the overriding factor in deciding the outcome. The news about the black children accused of beating up and maybe attempting to murder a white child who was calling them names is sad, no matter who was right and who was wrong. It appears that the black children were unfairly charged in this case although no one will know until the facts come out in court.

On the other hand, it is equally sad that many black people immediately assumed discrimination when Michael Vick was charged with animal abuse, and more, despite his admitting to operating a dog fighting arena.

Our country, once a melting pot for all ethnic groups, is now afraid to act in many situations, fearing the label of “DISCRIMINATION”. Airports are leaning toward offering special prayer rooms for Muslims rather than fighting unwarranted lawsuits in court. A previous blogger mentioned the Muslim who, claiming religious beliefs, felt he should be allowed to keep his turban on when every other passenger would have to remove theirs. A woman in Florida insisted she must wear her veil for a driver’s license photograph. Illegal immigrants are claiming the same rights as citizens, even though they have already broken the law; and some states are afraid to insist on enforcing the law for fear of the Discrimination accusation!!

This atmosphere of “anything goes or we claim Discrimination” must change immediately. The solution is to insist upon fairness for everyone. The Pursuit of liberty and justice is our country’s mantra — not the right to override every social and legal statute for one’s personal convenience. Everyone has to start acting in a more mature manner and remember that we are all Americans with the same rights and liberties as anyone else.

America is the Land of the Free, but that does not refer to a free ride or the right to disregard laws. We can only be free so long as everyone abides by the same rules and regulations as all other citizens! We must relearn to DISCRIMINATE between right and wrong, and forgot all the hyped reasons for NOT discriminating.