Greenspan’s "span" is too limited

Alan Greenspan once was considered a financial icon. Unfortunately, with his new book which is simply another missile from the Left, he slides into the same dirty mud hole from which former President Carter often speaks. They believe that they are the only ones with the right answers and publicly denigrate anyone who opposes them.

It’s not news that Carter always was an arrogant man, and old age has not smoothed over his brusque, irritating manner. Undoubtedly, Greenspan believes that the dignity of his former position makes people care what he says now. The bad news is that Greenspan has obviously sunk to the depths of political obstinancy that make his wife such an unbelievable political reporter.

The good news is that Carter and Greenspan make a lovely set of book ends — both are unmoving, unfeeling, and fairly irrelevant to anyone who actually reads. But, they do make a matched set. Greenspan will probably be remembered as well as Carter……..which means, not at all!

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