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Christmas Wishes

Christmas is definitely over! The presents are gone. The wrapping paper is burned. And, the cookies have once again managed to shrink my clothes a size or two.

But, I wonder if Christmas changed the World? Did Peace on Earth happen? Did people truly reflect on the season, or was it just a mad rush to tear into presents?

In our household, we felt a great deal of satisfaction because our entire family was home at one point or another. Almost all of the presents were gratefully received and enjoyed. There were just enough cookies to last through Christmas Day and more than enough games to entertain the whole weekend.

In our state, Wisconsin, Christmas did not bring a conclusion to the problems of gaming contracts, or the scandal of the state election board divesting one candidate of much needed moneys just before the election. In our country, controversy continues concerning the war on terrorism. Countless accusations by those who initially voted for the war on terrorism have hamstrung the process of defending America. Even though I feel safer now than during the 9/11 violence thanks to President Bush’s leadership, the loss of conservatives in Congress guts the war on terror. The war has become a political issue now, and all bets of victory are off.

So, even though we personally feel good about our family in the near future, we are very concerned about our country’s prospects. We hope that the Congress will concentrate on keeping America safe and not just jockey for position for the next election. We hope that the radical Islamists will fail, especially the Iranian nuclear fanatics, and that Israel will continue to man the ramparts in the Middle East. We hope that Russia, China and South Korea will understand that they are the ones who will most suffer if North Korea continues on its nuclear path. We hope that the UN’s new leadership will be an ethical one and correct the problems generated by Kofi Annan and his group of power-hungry misfits.

So, as we approach 2007…….Good Luck and Joy to the World …………….we hope.

Tawana Brawley all over again

This is about the Duke Lacrosse players accused of… oh wait… it isn’t rape anymore because the accuser has changed her story YET AGAIN!

Now the accuser claims she cannot remember if she was raped or not. Her story has changed more times than a 5 year old explaining how the cookies went missing from the cookie jar. Add this to the fact that DNA taken from her does not match ANY of the three accused and the fact that she could not pick any of them out of a lineup and I think you have a case of a black woman trying to extort money from a group of white men.

Too bad the early publicity will forever haunt these men for a crime, in my opinion, that was completely fabricated such as the Tawana Brawley story.

Kerry "look-alike" ??????

Now, Hilary says that, if she had known back then what she knows now, she would not have voted to go to war in Iraq!

My, oh my. Isn’t that called Hindsight? And, who wouldn’t do things differently if the future could be known in advance? Think of all the lives we could have saved if we had only known what the enemies’ plans were — in advance! Think of all the financial coups we could have pulled off if we had known how the markets were moving — in advance! Think of all the politicans we could NOT have elected if we had known they would use issues for political expediency — in advance!

Hilary voted for the war because that is what the evidence, and the political winds, demanded — at that time. Now, she wants to sneak in and claim the political advantage of being “against” the war due to a change in public opinion. I guess that is why she is a politician — only they are allowed to talk out of both sides of their mouth. And, only Hilary would have the crust to make such stupid comments and have the media pretend that her comments are honest and not politically driven!

All I want for Christmas is……….

1 – A new set of ethics for the media so they learn to report the news, not make the news.

2 – A new privacy wall that prohibits anyone from accessing someone else’s personal medical, financial, or other information, without that person’s consent.
a. This includes the media and the “public’s right to know” group.
b. Privacy means private.

3 – A new Democratic party that attempts to truly be bipartisan, and that stops damaging the war against terrorism by politicizing every issue.

4 – A new Democratic presidential hopeful who will be both capable and honest at the same time and not just someone who “wants” to be President.
a. Are Hilary or Obama or Edwards or Kerry really the best we can do?

5 – A new attitude that encourages people to work together rather than approach people and issues with aggression.
a. Let’s suppress talk and tv shows which encourage hostility.
b. Let’s require the UN to follow ethical standards.
c. Let’s teach our children to compliment others rather than denigrate them.

6 – A new understanding that tolerance is meant to smooth relationships, not to be used as a crutch for those who “want”, but don’t want to work for those “wants”.

7 – To abolish the ACLU and its mindless litany that they are the only true arbiters of “right and wrong.”

8 — More thankfulness from countries who benefit from the United States’ generosity and less criticism of us. We are a country that tries very hard to help others. It is time for those “others” to recognize our efforts.

9 – Less taxes to equalize the “haves” and the “have-nots” because success should be earned, not dished out by politicians who use that largesse to expand their voting base.

10 – Much more tolerance for those of us who believe that Christ is the Saviour. Our beliefs should be respected just as we respect the beliefs of those who cherish Mohammed or Allah or any other Supreme Being.

Maybe if these wishes can be granted, the world will have a peaceful 2007.

Things I’ve Heard

I don’t like to listen to the news, because I see how absurd it is. I also laugh when people claim Fox News is biased. Yeah, it’s biased to the middle. CNN and other new outlets spew outright lies, and this should not be tolerated no matter what your political views are. Someone needs to hold them accountable, and not tune in. This happened with Air-America, the liberal talk radio, that since there were no listeners, it’s gone bankrupt. O’Riley, Limbaugh and other republican voices are still going strong on the radio.

I’ve heard people call Bush an outright criminal. Even though I agree Bush has made mistakes with some issues, he is no criminal. Bush fights for what’s right, no matter if you agree with how he does it. He wants to spread democracy, which is a good thing. He wants evil dictators out of power, such as Saddam.

War I guess never solves anything. A Revolutionary, Civil, 2 WW’s and countless others hasn’t done anything to improve life? Go back to pre-revolutionary times anti-war activists. See how fast you change your views. Fighting is necessary. I think Japan in WW2 is the prime example. We dropped the one big one, they wouldn’t put down their guns and surrender, so we dropped another. This stopped Americans from dying. And who started this war?

Global Warming. Err… Climate Change. I don’t know what they try to call it now. All I know is nothing is going on. First of all, do you think us pitiful humans can change the climate? Doubtful. Secondly, wasn’t global warming supposed to make this year the worst hurricane year on record. Yet, this year has been one of the calmest on record.

As Alec Baldwin says in Team America, “Who do you blame for the recent terroist attacks? The terroists themselves? The person who supplied the terroists with the bombs? No, blame Team America.”

– Mr. Knowledge

Anon, Annan !

Finally, Kofi Annan is saying his good-byes. For a man who headed the UN and was supposed to be the penultimate diplomat, his fame far exceeded both his reputation and his skills.

During his tenure, pain and misery mounted in many parts of the world, and yet the UN seemed incapable of helping. In fact, the UN was part of the problem. UN “peacekeepers” were responsible for raping young girls in Africa and for stealing the food that was supposed to help the starving. Where was Kofi when these criminal actions were brought to the world’s attention? Kofi refused to acknowledge the aggressive characteristics of many nations, instead preferring to chastise the United States. Where was he when Chavez called for the death of our President? He was often times arrogant in his manner and more often than not, wrong in his opinions. Why did he say that Iraquis were better off under Saddam when he knows the Iraquis were routinely brutalized by Saddam and his cronies?

Kofi Annan is, and always was, a man who had risen above his talents. Only those in the world who were benefiting from his ignorance and greed, continue to designate him as a great humanitarian!

The UN was to serve as a mediator to avoid conflict in the world and not to be the generator of more hatred. Kofi Annan was directly responsible for inciting much of the hatred that exists in the world today, especially the ill will toward the United States. Although he demanded more and more money from us, he was most comfortable insulting us and blaming us for all the tragedies of our time. The ultimate insult, of course, was his farewell speech wherein he tried to blame our President, and us by association, for the world’s ills.

Sorry, Kofi. Without the mantle of the UN, your braying will only curry the favor of those who would benefit from the downfall of the United States. Hopefully, you will have to live in the disastrous conditions you helped create through your foolishness or stupidity. The only ones who will miss you are your lackeys who profited from the US’s generosity rather than the intended recipients.

Your leaving, hopefully, will result in a UN that attempts to work together rather than to merely oppose the U.S. Your leaving is a joyous event for the world, whether they know it yet or not. So, good-bye, farewell, good riddance.

The only question left for you is, “What took you so long to leave?”

Illegals & Iraq

Check this out

So what’s going on? How could anyone argue this is unconstitutional and then turn around and say illegals should be allowed in? Of course the ACLU and other liberal groups will get all in a tizzy over these laws. Why? Can I go demand they write it in my own made up language? Instead of typical, I want them to print tybibal, which, is what I say sometimes.

Is this racism? How can it be racism when it deals with language? I’m not catching on, but I’m sure there are white people from France who speak French, and we are requiring if they come they have to speak English. So that debunks the racism call, but you know these groups will keep pushing it. Why? Because whenever you are in public position, and the word racism is remotely attached to you, the LIEberal media will get all over you. So people are afraid, and that’s the only thing the ACLU works on. Fear.

So how do you deal with Illegals? Deport them. You may say, hey Mr. Knowledge, that’ll cost us a fortune. Mr. Knowledge says, send the bill to Mexico. Tell them they have to pay for every illegal deported. If they help their people ‘break’ into the USA, then they’re going to pay for taking them back. As a whole, we have to stop pampering to forigen countries. Stop forigen aide, and see how fast they come around and support us.

On another note, Iraq. Everyone is calling it a complete failure. I would like to hear a liberal explain, after everything, if Bush lied about WMD’s, if there was no supposed link between the terroists and Saddaam, was getting Saddaam out of power a good thing? You can’t deny it. It was a good thing. What we need to do is take out Iran. Smoke them. Nuke them. I don’t care. They are only a threat and of no positive influence on the world. Show the world we aren’t here pussy-footing around anymore, but we are about getting things done. I think Iran is 75% of the problems in Iraq. So, Mr. Knowledge says, get rid of Iran.

-Mr. Knowledge

The Rights of Rites — and Diversity

Drudge is reporting that a Muslim woman is suing a fitness center because her prayers were interrupted by another patron, albeit unintentionally, and the center did not “satisfy” her requirements in handling the situation. She claims that her “right to rites” was not enforced.

What in the world is going on? In a mad rush to be all things for all people, the politically correct crowd is trampling on the rights of the majority.

A business is operating to provide a profit for the owners, not as a public service. If the business is following accepted business practices, no individual patron should have the right to require the business to adjust their business practicies for their own ideosyncracies. Why should a business be required to meet every demand, secular or religious, of a patron to avoid the threat of a law suit? If this particular business does not fulfill the patron’s needs, let the patron go to another business!

The majority’s rights are being denied when the President of a major Michigan university proclaim that “they”, by which she means herself and the others of her ideology, will force affirmative action into the admission process whether the Michigan residents agree or not! Shouldn’t the majority of Michigan residents have the right to decide how their public university is admitting students?

Affirmative action might have helped integrate businesses and institutions earlier, but now, it is becoming a crutch for those who want to enforce their ideology on all of America. For example, my alma mater, UW-Madison, also believes they have the right to choose students using ethnicity, family income, and family “situations”, as qualities essential for admission rather than choosing the most talented students, based on academic performance. They also continue to support staff (Barrett) who, based on poor credentials and even poorer research, lambast our country, despite the outrage of many Wisconsinites.

America has provided countless opportunities for millions of people who seek a better life. Those who want to rewirte the ground rules of our country are really trying to create a country where a select few, mostly themselves, will be able to write the rules and choose all the players in the game of Life. Donna Shalala tried to characterize hate speech as grounds for dismissal from UW-Mad even though no one could agree on the exact parameters for hate speech. The Michigan president wants to force the university — and Michigan — to accept her beliefs regarding characteristics necessary for admission to Michigan. Muslim Imams want a private place in airports to pray. A Muslim woman is incensed that her prayers are interrupted in an essentially public place.

Daily, we are bombarded by demands for individual “rights” when these same rights actually infringe on the rights of the majority of us. Where will it all end?

The ultimate goal of all these politically correct groups is to establish a status quo which conforms to their ideology of “right”. In the process, Muslims’ rights for rites will be confirmed and the rights of other religious groups will be denied. Businesses will be forced to comply with outlandish requirements rather than to be efficient purveyors of services and goods. Universities will be shaped into liberal entities where only other liberals are accepted. Essentially, those who do not conform to the liberals’ concepts will be left outside many American institutions. Everyone will be homogeneous.

We have to guard the rights of the majority of Americans and not allow the “rites” of any individual to over-ride our country’s rule which is that the “majority rules”. Otherwise, the end result of political correctness will be the loss of rights for the majority. And, as we all begin to conform to the new “ideal”, Diversity will become an extinct concept.

Is there a vendetta against Christmas?

Fox network was using this as the question of the day. The question should not be if there are people working against Christmas, but whether these people are working against Christians?

Why is it politically correct to have a Jewish or Islamic religious symbol in a school, but the Christians are limited to a tree?

Why should the Imams ask for, and probably receive, a special area in which to pray when everyone knows that if a Christian asked for such a favor, they would be laughed out of the airport.

Why, if the majority of Americans are Christians, is the ACLU working so hard to discourage every single tidbit of religion in today’s society?

Why is it okay for a minority to make fun of a different ethnic group, but the rest of us must watch every word and action so as not to offend someone else?

Why, why, why?

It is because there is a small minority who feel that they have the right to control every facet of life in America today, including our thoughts, words, actions and religious beliefs. Kinda’ sounds like Iran, doesn’t it?

Imams’ attempt to lessen screening

The Imams who say they were removed from an American airplane because of “who” they were and that they did nothing to warrant removal should read the following, objective account by another passenger.

I applaud the airlines for adhering to policies which protect the other passengers, even if it inconveniences a select few. Apparently, the Imams were not so innocent as they proclaim.

Read the below:

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