The Rights of Rites — and Diversity

Drudge is reporting that a Muslim woman is suing a fitness center because her prayers were interrupted by another patron, albeit unintentionally, and the center did not “satisfy” her requirements in handling the situation. She claims that her “right to rites” was not enforced.

What in the world is going on? In a mad rush to be all things for all people, the politically correct crowd is trampling on the rights of the majority.

A business is operating to provide a profit for the owners, not as a public service. If the business is following accepted business practices, no individual patron should have the right to require the business to adjust their business practicies for their own ideosyncracies. Why should a business be required to meet every demand, secular or religious, of a patron to avoid the threat of a law suit? If this particular business does not fulfill the patron’s needs, let the patron go to another business!

The majority’s rights are being denied when the President of a major Michigan university proclaim that “they”, by which she means herself and the others of her ideology, will force affirmative action into the admission process whether the Michigan residents agree or not! Shouldn’t the majority of Michigan residents have the right to decide how their public university is admitting students?

Affirmative action might have helped integrate businesses and institutions earlier, but now, it is becoming a crutch for those who want to enforce their ideology on all of America. For example, my alma mater, UW-Madison, also believes they have the right to choose students using ethnicity, family income, and family “situations”, as qualities essential for admission rather than choosing the most talented students, based on academic performance. They also continue to support staff (Barrett) who, based on poor credentials and even poorer research, lambast our country, despite the outrage of many Wisconsinites.

America has provided countless opportunities for millions of people who seek a better life. Those who want to rewirte the ground rules of our country are really trying to create a country where a select few, mostly themselves, will be able to write the rules and choose all the players in the game of Life. Donna Shalala tried to characterize hate speech as grounds for dismissal from UW-Mad even though no one could agree on the exact parameters for hate speech. The Michigan president wants to force the university — and Michigan — to accept her beliefs regarding characteristics necessary for admission to Michigan. Muslim Imams want a private place in airports to pray. A Muslim woman is incensed that her prayers are interrupted in an essentially public place.

Daily, we are bombarded by demands for individual “rights” when these same rights actually infringe on the rights of the majority of us. Where will it all end?

The ultimate goal of all these politically correct groups is to establish a status quo which conforms to their ideology of “right”. In the process, Muslims’ rights for rites will be confirmed and the rights of other religious groups will be denied. Businesses will be forced to comply with outlandish requirements rather than to be efficient purveyors of services and goods. Universities will be shaped into liberal entities where only other liberals are accepted. Essentially, those who do not conform to the liberals’ concepts will be left outside many American institutions. Everyone will be homogeneous.

We have to guard the rights of the majority of Americans and not allow the “rites” of any individual to over-ride our country’s rule which is that the “majority rules”. Otherwise, the end result of political correctness will be the loss of rights for the majority. And, as we all begin to conform to the new “ideal”, Diversity will become an extinct concept.

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