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A Halloween Scare: The real cost of health care!

President Obama and his Democrat minions would have you believe that health care is not going to cost Americans money, but that it will actually SAVE money! When has buying MORE of something ever cost LESS?  That is ridiculous. In reality, rather than the “new” and “improved” vision for America that Obama promised, he wants to foist yet another federal program upon us.   He wants to make the “rich” pay more and the “poor” pay less.

Although making the rich pay more is a popular, Populist concept, income redistribution has never worked and it won’t work for health care either. By taking more from the wealthier Americans, it means they have less to spend.  With less to spend, they cut back on purchases that create jobs for others.   This is what happened years ago when a luxury tax was put on yachts.  Carver’s boat company in Pulaski, Wisconsin, discovered that the higher price for their boats led to less demand.  The people with boats simply kept them another year, rather than pay the higher price.  As a result, Carver had to lay off many employees.  How did that help the economy?

The newspaper today had an article that showed that my husband and I will likely be paying $25,000 more for health care this year because we earn “too much”.   Those taxes will be on top of higher business expenses which were precipitated by the huge bailouts and other forms of governmental largesse, such as ear marks.  There will be NO raises in our business this year for anyone.  And, I bet our employees will buy less which will hurt local businesses.

Charities, too, will notice a drop off in donations because those who traditionally support charities will have less disposable income and thus will be donating less.

But, worst of all is that only “some Americans” will have to pay for this fiasco.  Congress, our President who extolls the virtues of universal health care, unions, teachers, and other “friends” of Democrats will be exempt from this new program!!!!  This proposed health care program is not only filled with potential problems, it is yet another governmental program that promises more than it can possibly give and that makes one group pay yet again for someone else!

Democracy in America is dead……….or, dying little by little.  Maybe that is fitting for Halloween 2009.

I’ll tell you what’s heating up…

The models are imperfect.

“There is a lot of room for improvement” in the models.

So you’re telling me that these models are imperfect? I love how these so called experts blatantly lambaste us with evidence of global warming and how the future is bleak, when they can’t even predict the near future correctly. This just shows you how a few nut jobs purveying their ideas in the media can get the mindless lemmings of lieberals believing anything.

Am I glad that people take interest at least in the future? Yes. Am I glad that people ride bike instead of drive, recycle, use CFL’s and other green technologies? Yes. But what I don’t like is when people argue their points when their so called evidence is based on opinion and guess-work models vs cold hard facts.

And, if you ever have to argue with these nutcases, it’s quite comical. They’ll say that you don’t care about the environment or that you don’t care about mother earth. Psssh, that’s total hogwash. I myself pay extra so that the electricity into my home comes from renewable energy*.

There needs to come a time when these lieberals and wacko tree huggers stop using fear, lies and models of the future that appear to be flawed. Why is the UK government using tax money to inform the population about global warming? I think it’s time that the voter decides for himself instead of being led on by our governments. To quote a the movie MIB, “A person is smart, people are stupid.”

-Mr. Knowledge

*Technically the energy isn’t directly into my home. It’s just that WPS has to match to the grid the amount of energy I use.


President Obama wanted control of the “failing” companies and Wall Street.    He got that through the bail-out plans which, he said, allowed him to create czars who tell the companies how much to pay their employees.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC never questioned Obama’s actions even though, constitutionally, there is no power given to the President to regulate salaries or even to fire CEOs as he did.

Obama wanted world adulation.  He got that by running to Europe and criticizing everything American.  Rather than acting like the Commander in Chief, he became the Apologist in Chief!  Rather than explaining how generous the United States has been throughout many, many years, he agreed with everyone who is anti-American.  He is considering allowing the UN — of which we are the main financial support — to dictate policy to us…… and the World Bank — of which we are the main financial support — to control our economy. It’s no wonder he got the Nobel Peace Prize from those who want America and capitalism to fail.   Again, the major networks remain silent.

Obama has a checkered past of associating with people who have radical philosophies and ideals.  Witness his long association with Reverand Wright, Farakhan, and even Van Jones.  These three, and many in Obama’s cabinet, profess views against capitalism and even against the ideals of our country, as expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  And, what did CNN, MSNBC, or ABC say about these problems?  They are uniformly silent.

Now, President Obama and his cabinet, and other Democrats, are trying to silence FOX news.  First, they said it wasn’t really fair.  Then, they asked their minions at NBC, CNN, and MSNBC to shun FOX news.  Now, Obama is claiming that FOX news is only opinion, disguised as news.   In a recent speech, Obama also claimed that Republicans “do what they are told.”

And, at the same time, Obama claims to be a unifier!

It is time for journalists to actually BE journalists, not just lackeys of the Democrat party.  Get up and actually do some research rather than regurgitating what the White House gives you. If you study even the few months that Obama has been in office, you will find that he routinely changes his stance, depending on the political climate.

And, remember, power corrupts.  And, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Take that Obama-Speak and try to decipher whether he is actually right or wrong.  But, don’t just take him at his word because Obama-Speak is a constantly changing language!

Mr. Knowledge’s Rants…

I’ve seen this Citi credit card ad for a few weeks now that mentions in this tough economic time, people are looking for ways to save money. Shouldn’t we, in good and bad times, look for ways to save money? These same people who over extended themselves thinking it will always be cherry, are now the ones who are looking for handouts. While others, who know that times won’t always be perfect, don’t over extend themselves and now have to pay for those who did.

Secondly, this whole Limbaugh thing is just crazy. All over in the papers and online they are ripping him left and right, and even using quotes that he never said as truths. It’s fine if you disagree with him, but when ”legit” sources are using false quotes, it just proves that they are against him for his politics, not his implied racism.

Thirdly, read this : Where is Algore now?

Mr. Knowledge

Health Scare

The Democrats’ committe voted FOR the Baucus health care bill, despite not a single Republican supporting it.

Well, that’s to be expected.

However, now the process moves behind closed doors and I want to know why?  This is not a matter of personnel which does warrant confidential discussions.  This is about the American taxpayers’ right to know what, how, when, and why a legislative committee — supposedly elected to REPRESENT US, NOT COERCE US — is deciding on a major, reformative bill.

The public has shown its antipathy for this type of reform many times.  The latest study shows that, if you have a good health care plan, expect to pay at least another $4,000 per year for it!

So, why, oh why, are the Democrats still trying to force this into law?  It is because they know that, once passed, it is almost impossible to repeal.  And, they are so arrogant that they believe they know better than we do about every issue.  Plus, a lot of their buddies are going to make money on this scheme.  We know that the government will be hiring many more employees to manage this travesty of a law.

This all began with President Obama’s talk of health care problems.  Surveys show that about 70-80% of Americans are satisfied with their present health care system.  But, as a control freak, Obama is determined to turn health care into a governmental program that he can  control.

From czars to Congress, Obama’s goal is to have a dictatorship wherein he chooses all options for everyone.  This is not really about health care.  It is using health scare tactics to destroy our dem0cracy.

Nobel “Piece” Prize

By awarding the nobel peace prize to a highly inexperienced politician, i.e., President Obama, the committee has shown just how little this prize actually means any more.  I would like the committee to name ONE thing that Obama has actually accomplished in his years as a community organizer, 2 year senator, and now President of the United States.

They couldn’t because there is nothing.

The committee is using the Peace prize as a political piece of incentive to encourage the United States to shift its policies and philosophy to be more in accord with the socialist agenda of Europe. By stroking Obama’s ego, they know that they will get more “goodies from the candy jar” of the United States!

There may be some who will herald this award as yet another feather in Obama’s cap.  I see it as a confirmation that even the Nobel Peace Prize committee is  politically motivated.  They hope to shift the world’s attention to what Obama “might” accomplish rather than the lack of accomplishments.  It is a gesture of pure politics, not a reward for a job well done.  And, it proves that Obama is more attuned to European and Asian demands than those of his own country, the United States.

Oh, yes, the Nobel Peace Prize is a REAL PIECE of work!

David Letterman –Double Standard

Dave Letterman should be prosecuted for sexual harassment of a subordinate;  but, like former President Clinton, no one will ever do so.  Those who argue that the women were old enough to “know better” are missing the point.  Sexual harassment of a subordinate is a criminal offense, not just something to laugh about.

But, to expect the left to ever admit that one of “theirs” is wrong is about as likely as Amadinejab becoming Jewish.

Oh, the double standard is part and parcel of the Left’s philosophy.  Did you hear Whoopi Goldberg’s DEFENSE of Polanski who raped a 13 year old, admitted to it, then fled the country to avoid prosecution?

Did you hear the censure of Joe Wilson for his calling President Obama’s statement a lie?  What happened to the Democrat from Florida who claimed Republicans only wanted sick people to die, and quickly?  Rather than reprimand HIM,  Pelosi was very supportive of him!!!

So, expect to see Democrats rallying around Letterman.  After all, he is one of those who mock anything conservative and moral.  No one will prosecute him for his sexual harassment.  He is one of  the party in power and, as such, is beyond prosecution.   But, the David Letterman fiasco demonstrates again that the Democrats are the worst of the worst when it comes to having any moral standard, unless it is the double standard!