President Obama wanted control of the “failing” companies and Wall Street.    He got that through the bail-out plans which, he said, allowed him to create czars who tell the companies how much to pay their employees.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC never questioned Obama’s actions even though, constitutionally, there is no power given to the President to regulate salaries or even to fire CEOs as he did.

Obama wanted world adulation.  He got that by running to Europe and criticizing everything American.  Rather than acting like the Commander in Chief, he became the Apologist in Chief!  Rather than explaining how generous the United States has been throughout many, many years, he agreed with everyone who is anti-American.  He is considering allowing the UN — of which we are the main financial support — to dictate policy to us…… and the World Bank — of which we are the main financial support — to control our economy. It’s no wonder he got the Nobel Peace Prize from those who want America and capitalism to fail.   Again, the major networks remain silent.

Obama has a checkered past of associating with people who have radical philosophies and ideals.  Witness his long association with Reverand Wright, Farakhan, and even Van Jones.  These three, and many in Obama’s cabinet, profess views against capitalism and even against the ideals of our country, as expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  And, what did CNN, MSNBC, or ABC say about these problems?  They are uniformly silent.

Now, President Obama and his cabinet, and other Democrats, are trying to silence FOX news.  First, they said it wasn’t really fair.  Then, they asked their minions at NBC, CNN, and MSNBC to shun FOX news.  Now, Obama is claiming that FOX news is only opinion, disguised as news.   In a recent speech, Obama also claimed that Republicans “do what they are told.”

And, at the same time, Obama claims to be a unifier!

It is time for journalists to actually BE journalists, not just lackeys of the Democrat party.  Get up and actually do some research rather than regurgitating what the White House gives you. If you study even the few months that Obama has been in office, you will find that he routinely changes his stance, depending on the political climate.

And, remember, power corrupts.  And, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Take that Obama-Speak and try to decipher whether he is actually right or wrong.  But, don’t just take him at his word because Obama-Speak is a constantly changing language!

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