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President Obama — accessory?

President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder,continually attempt  to thwart the immigration laws of the United States.  Unfortunately, Obama is interested only in the votes that the Hispanic community will bring him, not the welfare of the USA.

But, now his blatant efforts to subvert our country’s immigration laws has hit a new low.  While his efforts to give illegals more rights than even citizens enjoy, he  has now decided to form a hotline for these same illegals in the hopes that they can avoid facing the penalties for their illegal presence in our country and, in the future, gain Obama more votes.

This is not only an obvious political ploy, it is also illegal.  Because, after all, anyone who knowingly aids a felon or felonious act becomes an accessory and faces the same legal penalties.

All law-abiding Americans should tell president Obama to follow the laws he swore to uphold, including the laws against illegal aliens even when it might benefit a vote-hungry President.