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The Mid-East triangle of problems

Premise: If we don’t corral Iran soon, we will have the beginnings of another warring faction who have already sworn to defeat all who are not of their faith.


Iraq, in a desperate move, is now discussing security with Iran and Syria who were instrumental in arming and encouraging terrorists to attack Iraquis and the rest of the world.

Iran continues to forecast more trouble for anyone who opposes Iran’s descent back into an unrelenting, people-debasing dictatorship — one ruled by radical clerics.

Our soldiers fight not only against the terrorists, but political partisans back home who have denounced so much of the war effort that no foreign country feels the need to back our President.

Here are some possible solutions.

Split Iraq into its natural, ethnic regions — i.e., the Kurds get the northern third, the Shiites and Sunni the southern two thirds. There is no reason to continue trying to establish a “united” Iraq when the ethnic groups so obviously hate each other. With Saddam gone, there is no rationale to pretend that these ethnic groups have any unifying purpose. Iraq today is not similar to the origin of the United States when people from a variety of countries and ethnic origins sought the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The radical Islamists demand the right to define not only liberty and happiness, but to rule on Life itself.

Let’s not pretend — for political correctness or any other pretext — that Abinedajab, and his minions, are reasonable people! In the past months, Iran has continued to threaten the world community if we don’t fall into line — their line. It is obvious, whether the world admits it, that Iran is on a collision course with any non-Islamist entity. We desperately need a world leader to knock Iran down a peg. When are our world leaders going to accept the responsibility of forcing Iran into the appropriate line and stop trying to cajole these radicals into playing nice?

Our soldiers cannot depend upon the incoming Congress who want to cut and run. Let Israel take out Iran before it establishes itself as a nuclear beast. If we want to prevent total domination of the MidEast by scary regimes like Iran and Syria who have no concept of individual freedom, we had better back the Israelis. It is obvious that our incoming congress is not going to have the backbone to force terrorism into submission, so let those who do have the strength of purpose do it — i.e., Israel.

What a shame that our military has fought so long and so hard and yet the Democrats preferred to use the war as a political issue rather than as the enlarging threat that Iran presents. They have caviled so much that we might have to rely upon an ally to demolish the increasingly strident threat from Iran!

2 Way Street

How can certain black comedians (Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle, Sinbad, and many others) make fun of white people, but the minute a white comedian (Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame) says anything about a black person, all hell breaks loose?

The next time a black comedian utters, “cracker” or “whitey” or anything else related to a white person’s skin color, I want the media to hit the comedian with the same force that they have hit “Kramer”.

Committees –where politicians belong

Many people today claim that the war in Iraq is in a state of crisis. Indeed, discussing the state of the war in Iraq is the bread and butter of almost every media outlet in America, and probably throughout the world. World leaders have posited opinions and the media continually runs images of protestors who also claim to know what is best. But, how can this situation actually be resolved and America protected from terrorism?

The first answer always seems to include some form of a committee. Henry Kissinger proposes a world-wide committee to study the issue. President Bush has appointed a committee to suggest a solution. The UN, the world’s most useless committee, wants to take over control of the war as if their track record gives anyone confidence of their success! Countless committees in the new Congress will undoubtedly study each and every issue. These committees will appoint other committees who will rely yet again on their own committees to find answers!

The problem, as I see it, is that appointing committees is essentially a means of pushing the problem into the future. In case you’ve forgotten, “The best way to stall anything is to hand it over to a committee!”

Committees and commissions are SLOW-moving bodies whose inertia is matched only by the mountains of paperwork they produce. Seldom are these bodies well-organized and even more infrequently do they create a true solution to anything. They give the impression that something is “being done”, but they accomplish next to nothing.

So, as a high school friend used to say, “Let’s cut the huckle buck.”

Being politically correct has cost us lives and not created a peaceful Iraq. Tell the military to wipe out the terrorists. Forget trying solutions because they are politically or diplomatically more attractive.

And, let’s keep the committees and politicians out of the way. I know. Assign the politicians to a committee!

Is anybody listening?

A recent posting details the mindset of Iranian leaders. It is positively frightening. Read it and weep.

Ahmadinejad: Israel’s destruction near

Published: 11.13.06, 08:53

According to the Iranian media Monday, Iranian President Mahoud Ahmadinejad declared that Israel was destined to ‘disappearance and destruction’ at a council meeting with Iranian ministers.

“The western powers created the Zionist regime in order to expand their control of the area. This regime massacres Palestinians everyday, but since this regime is against nature, we will soon witness its disappearance and destruction,” Ahmadinejad said. (AFP)

Chickens and egg on our faces

Some unsettling results from our election are already appearing. For instance, in a C. Bodeen article, the report is

BAGHDAD, Iraq – A new recording Friday attributed to the leader of al-Qaida, Iraq mocked President Bush as a coward whose conduct of the war was rejected at the polls, challenging him to keep U.S. troops in the country to face more bloodshed.

All the chickens who railed against President Bush and his firm policy on Iraq and the middle East are now feeling more powerful and are coming home to roost. Unfortunately, now it is going to be harder than ever to convince them to stay in the chicken coop where they belong!

Whom to hate — a difficult choice now.

With the advent of a congress controlled by Democrats, the extremists on the left have a difficult choice to make. Without President Bush and the Republicans controlling the Congress, whom are they going to blame for all the woes in our country and the world?

It might be good for our country to see how Democrats react now that they are in power. Already, arrogance and a sense of entitlement define their post election style, for, amid the smiles and sneers, Democrats are framing the new regime. Do you like what you see? Riding on the euphoria of victory, Charlie Rangle has insulted another state. Potentially, a fellow Democrat, already impeached, might become a committee chairman? Is this what Democrats believe to be right?

So, yes, the Democrats won the election. But, with the media’s help, how much has their continued, unmitigated barrage against President Bush cost our country? Because of their denunciations of President Bush, people like Chavez feel they have the right to call for President Bush’s death! Democrats divided the country with their mad dash for power, and now, terrorists are openly seeking nuclear power. Israel faces the unenviable necessity of protecting itself from a multitude of threats because they know the Democrats will cut and run. Is this how the Democrats will make everything “right” in America?

We won’t know whether the election secured a safe future for us or if the unprecedented attacks by media and Democrats have damaged our shield of invincibility once and for all. If other nations accept, as they seem to, all the hateful insults cast by Democrats in their ascendency to the throne, then our children and grandchildren will pay a huge price. Future wars of incredible cruelty and destruction will be forthcoming. The question will be not “if” we want to fight, but “when” will we fight. Is this how the Democrats will make us safe?

My feeling is that the destructive election process is unlikely to have secured the Republic. That is a bad result. However, now that the much maligned Republican control is gone, even the extremists will have to find someone else to hate. That is a good result.

Unfortunately, hate is a destructive emotion that seldom just disipates. Hate always needs to find new “enemies” to vanquish. And, if there are no obvious foes, new villains will be concocted. So, whom will the far-Left vilify next? Watch out. It could be you.

Wisconsin Votes Yes

Wisconsin voted Yes on the homosexual vote. I’ve heard many complaints and I’ll debunk them one by one. What’s sad, is these are not made up by me, but rather some that I’ve seen in various places.

1. Only reason the amendment passed was because of idiots from the ho-dunk towns not knowing what to vote for. -> Ok, Doyle was elected. So with the 60% or more, I forget the figure, voting Yes, that means that alot of people voted for Doyle and for the amendment. Lots of idiots voting for your guy.

2. Wisconsin is a bunch of bigots. -> This one was a little funny. If the amendment had said to kill all gays and lesbians, then yes, that could possibly be bigotry. But this was NOT attacking people, but rather protecting marriage. Until these libs can seperate the people from the issue, they’ll never understand that you can not be a bigot and still be against things like gay marriage, and not be a racist, but be against Affirmative Action or Illegal Immigration.

3. I’m moving out of Wisconsin because the people are so stupid. Haha, this one took the cake though. If Wisconsin was the only one who voted yes, then I could see why gay people would move, but MANY other states also voted yes. It’s not like Wisconsin is one in a bunch, but rather we are in the bunch.

Majority rules libs. And don’t pull the stupid phrase, well the majority are bigots then. I would like to see a libs response as to why I cannot marry my first cousin? I’m not saying I would, that’s just disgusting. How do they have a response for this? They don’t. They can’t say it’s gross, cause I’m not too happy with gay people having sex. They can’t say it’s not two people in love, because concievably they could be.

I’d just like an honest answer form liberals/democrats at somepoint. They only argue issues that they think they can gain support for.

Hopefully the Republicans will make a push in ’08. Republicans have to get back to their damn roots. Here are my few things republicans have to work on.
1. Get back to your damn roots. Keep government small and make sure the people know this. Many people who were polled in exit polling thought it was libs who wanted small government.
2. Be against Illegal Immigration 100%. Illegals are criminals. Put up a border, a LEGIT border.
3. Be strong with National Defense. Hey, Iraq didn’t go as well as we thought, but push forward the point Saddam is going to be hung for killing hundreds of thousands of people. That should outrage anyone, and it took Bush to finally do something about it.
4. Stop being little pussies. Don’t stick up for William Jefferson and other people like that. The democrats don’t do that for you, so don’t do it for them. I don’t care if it is the right thing to do. You aren’t going to win by sticking up for them. Tear down Harry Reid. He lied. He broke the law. Yet you guys pussy-footed around and didn’t do a damn thing. That should of been on top of your list trying to tear down the democrats. Tear down John Kerry. What he said was horrible, and he should be held accountable.
5. Get candidates out there who will win. I don’t like John McCain that much, but I’d rather see him in the Senate than someone like John Kerry.
6. Rally for ’08. Get a real contender for the presidency. Don’t pick some no-name from Indiana. The democrats have people who’ve been in the spotlight for over 10 years, Kerry and Hillary most noteably, and people don’t vote for people who they don’t know.

Mr. Knowledge is not happy.

– Mr. Knowldge

Thanks to President Bush for a job well done.

The media has been critical of President Bush from day one. They have blamed him for every problem in the world, but neglected to give him credit for his successes.

Here is why the United States is lucky to have elected President George Bush:

A Republican president with business acumen knew that high taxes slow an economy down. Less taxes create a booming economy like we have now.
A Republican president pulled us out of Clinton’s recession.
A Republican president created the lowest unemployment in the recent past.
A Republican president put more minorities in responsible positions than any other administration — ever.
A Republican president forced Syria to relent on nuclear weapons thus creating a safer world.
A Republican president wept over 9/11, then united the country.
A Republican president insisted that the blame for 9/11 be placed on radical terrorists and not Muslims as a whole.
A Republican president had the courage to fight and free Iraq.
A Republican president publicly admitted that he needed Divine help to govern wisely.
A Republican president governed based on his faith and trust in the wisdom of the American people rather than on what the current poll recommended.

And that Republican President was George Bush. Thanks to him we have a booming economy, lower unemployment, a housing boom, and a safer America.

God bless President George Bush.

Congratulations, Iraq

No matter how Saddam’s conviction and sentence is assessed by anyone else, his lengthy trial and conviction is a triumph for the newly formed judicial system Of Iraq. Hoorah for them.

Unfortunately, now that the verdict is in, many will try to second guess the decision. In fact, the first complaints are already being heard. The Vatican is against capital punishment and says that Saddam should not be hanged. Well,I am a Catholic, too; but, I believe that, at some point, every society should have the right to protect itself from violence. And, sometimes, violence itself is the only answer to the violence that stems from evil. And, Saddam is certainly evil incarnate.

Then, there are the Democrats who are already complaining that the verdict was orchestrated to help American politicians who have supported the war against terrorism in Iraq. How provincial to assume that every event world-wide is predicated upon its effect on America!!!! It is as if the Democrats see the world as a reflection of themselves and do not recognize that other countries have their own philosophy in how to handle their part of the world.

But, really, how can anyone complain? After all, the court was an Iraqui court. The judge was Iraqui. The laws were Iraqui. And, the verdict was Iraqui.

Instead, let’s appreciate the maturing nation known as Iraq and realize that their judicial decisions are a result of their own system and philosphy, not ours. Let’s try, even in this political season, to prevent anyone from using this Iraqui decision to divide American voters by postulating that the Iraqui verdict was driven by American politics.

And, let’s be grateful that another tyrant has been bested by the heroic American soldier. Without our soldiers, we all would be victims of men like Saddam and the radical terrorists.

God bless each and every soldier who stands between us and terrorism.

Love the Military

I’m sitting in peace with myself. Now why do I feel like that?

Is it because we are a peace loving country? No.
Is it because we fight for what’s right? Yes.
Is it because we don’t let communism and facism rule? Yes.
Is it because the reporters tell me I have freedom? No.
Is it because we listen to the Lagots and let the UN tell us what to do? No.
Is it because men who are much more brave than me risk their lives, so men like me can sit at home in peace? YES!!!!!

“Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was
too strong.”
– Ronald Reagan

– Mr. Knowledge