Whom to hate — a difficult choice now.

With the advent of a congress controlled by Democrats, the extremists on the left have a difficult choice to make. Without President Bush and the Republicans controlling the Congress, whom are they going to blame for all the woes in our country and the world?

It might be good for our country to see how Democrats react now that they are in power. Already, arrogance and a sense of entitlement define their post election style, for, amid the smiles and sneers, Democrats are framing the new regime. Do you like what you see? Riding on the euphoria of victory, Charlie Rangle has insulted another state. Potentially, a fellow Democrat, already impeached, might become a committee chairman? Is this what Democrats believe to be right?

So, yes, the Democrats won the election. But, with the media’s help, how much has their continued, unmitigated barrage against President Bush cost our country? Because of their denunciations of President Bush, people like Chavez feel they have the right to call for President Bush’s death! Democrats divided the country with their mad dash for power, and now, terrorists are openly seeking nuclear power. Israel faces the unenviable necessity of protecting itself from a multitude of threats because they know the Democrats will cut and run. Is this how the Democrats will make everything “right” in America?

We won’t know whether the election secured a safe future for us or if the unprecedented attacks by media and Democrats have damaged our shield of invincibility once and for all. If other nations accept, as they seem to, all the hateful insults cast by Democrats in their ascendency to the throne, then our children and grandchildren will pay a huge price. Future wars of incredible cruelty and destruction will be forthcoming. The question will be not “if” we want to fight, but “when” will we fight. Is this how the Democrats will make us safe?

My feeling is that the destructive election process is unlikely to have secured the Republic. That is a bad result. However, now that the much maligned Republican control is gone, even the extremists will have to find someone else to hate. That is a good result.

Unfortunately, hate is a destructive emotion that seldom just disipates. Hate always needs to find new “enemies” to vanquish. And, if there are no obvious foes, new villains will be concocted. So, whom will the far-Left vilify next? Watch out. It could be you.

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