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Who, or what, is under that mask?

The media has continually promoted the idea that the Corona Virus is a plague and will destroy all of us if we don’t follow restrictive, government mandates.

Actually, most of the mandates are illegal because they restrict individual rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

Barring a National Emergency, the government has no right to restrict where we go nor to tell us with whom we associate. Even though people dying from Covid is a tragedy, it is NOT a national emergency. People, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions, die every year from the flu. And, the virus affected them no differently this year than any other year. But, by constantly focusing on the virus, and emphasizing the deaths, and not honestly investigating whether the virus was the scourge of the century, the media destroyed our personal lives. They inflated the danger of this virus and, we all assumed the media knew what they were talking about. That is where we made our first mistake!

Instead, we should have asked the media why they kept the fear of the virus at the forefront of every news report. Unfortunately, the main reason the Corona virus became such a national news story is that it served a purpose. The purpose for reporters was two fold. One was to destroy any chance President Trump had of being re-elected. Secondly, it made their jobs much more important and kept them in the limelight as they reported the “news of the day”.

None of the media gave any consideration to people losing jobs, businesses closing, or the emotional trauma caused to our kids by not being in school. After all, the ends justify the means….at least, it does for Liberals.

Libs are determined to control every aspect of our lives. They do it in many ways, and the virus was just another means of making us dependent upon them and the government dole. Insisting that everyone continue to wear a mask, even after being vaccinated, is yet another control effort.

In fact, the virus is not the worst danger in America today. The real danger is in giving up our liberties because one group has decided they know what is best for us. Every adult has the right to decide for themselves whether the risk from the virus is sufficient to convince them to wear a mask, to be vaccinated, to close schools or businesses, or even to social distance. That choice is an integral part of being American.

Because… up one right of citizenship will lead to the loss of other liberties. Accepting that the government has the right to dictate our behaviour is just the beginning on the path to Democracy’s demise. Accepting that the government has the right to require us to close our schools and businesses or to wear masks will just lead to more infringements on our personal lives.

Whether you mask or not, understand that masking is not the real issue here. The mask “masks” the fact that Libs are trying to undermine our Constitutional rights by eroding them little by little. Mandating that we wear masks, or socially distance, or close our schools and businesses, is NOT a legitimate function of government. Beware when the government, or any group, tells you that they know what is best for you. YOU know what is best for you and your family. After all, the government is not a thinking entity. It is a group of bureaucrats working to increase their power over us by creating fear and then pretending that they can protect us from that fear.

For the good of all Americans, we need to return to the America we enjoyed before Covid took over our country. We need to understand that Covid was a terrible virus, but it was not a plague. It was ginned up to be the threat of the century for ulterior purposes by the Libs and those who wanted to force us to allow the government to rule our every action.

Don’t let Libs “mask” their real intentions because…..underneath THEIR mask is a monster in the making.