Monthly Archives: April 2020

The doctor is in…..

But, America is still sick. But, I am not talking about the virus itself.

No. What is making me, and almost everyone else, sick is the stay-at-home order. I’m sick…..sick of not seeing our kids and grandkids…..sick of worrying about whether anyone we know will get sick, and, horror of horrors, die!  Sick of hearing about people out of work, out of money, and out of the great economic times we were living in before the corona virus hit. It is horrible to endure, but it was the right reaction to the world pandemic.

But, the way the media is acting, makes me even sicker! It, too, is horrible; however, it is NOT the right thing for them to do!

Here we are in the middle of what is probably the first pandemic that most of us have ever been through, and the “reporters” at the daily Press Briefings want to ask got’cha questions.  How awful that, rather than faithfully reporting the news to the American public, they seem to believe that their function is to make President Trump look as if he failed to protect America.

The truth is that President Trump acted before the world even acknowledged there might be a viral threat.  He assembled a corona virus task force with medical experts who have spent their life studying disease.  He signed a bill that would financially support those who were out of work when the virus threatened to explode all over America.  He hosts the corona virus task force every day in the briefing room and answers countless questions. 

And, yet, that is not enough for the “experts” who purport to give us the daily news.  My husband and I have watched all the task force briefings and, it always surprises us when we hear them detail what they heard at the briefing.  Seldom does their “reporting” match what we heard.  The subjects might be the same, but there is always a liberal slant to the story.  And, always, the slant insults the good work that President Trump, VP Mike Pence, and the task force, have done.

While there might not yet be a cure for the virus, there is a cure for the media’s obsession to destroy President Trump even when it harms our country and all Americans. That cure is to start listening to the task force’s informational meetings so we hear the real story and NOT the fictional accounts provided by CNN and MSNBC or PBS!

So, listen to the doctors on the task force who will give you the actual facts and not the gibberish those fake reporters will spew out. Listen to President Trump and Vice President Trump detail the progress of all the people working to stop the virus in its tracks.

Doctors adhere to the motto of “First, do no harm”. Maybe it’s time for reporters to try to do the same for our country.

Happy Easter

Easter represents new life. It represents a new beginning. It is a time to begin seeing the world in a new light and for us to begin acting more like we should.

Let’s hope that everyone will try to work together, even while this virus takes its toll on our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Politicians should stop bickering and work together for the common good.

Politicians should recognize that their job is to help unite us, not divide us nor to continually do harm to our country with unending assaults against President Trump.

Let this Easter be the beginning of a new era where we all join together and understand that Americans have dreams and aspirations that can only happen in America. And, America can only “happen” if we work together for a greater good.

Remember, united we stand and divided we fall.

E pluribus unum.