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Short… but sweet

Flying is a damn privelage, not a right. If you damn towel heads don’t understand that, then stay away from my airports. If they pat down hats or people with ass towels as hats, and you have one of those, shouldn’t you realize that you’re gonna get patted down no matter the race?

What is this country coming to.

-Mr. Knowledge hates the minority community holding all the cards. Well… call a spade a spade, and a towel head a towel head.

I don’t like LIEberals…

Plain and simple. So foreclosures are up to all time highs, and who do you blame? Blame Bush. Well that’s what you’d say if you are one of these people getting foreclosed on. Whatever happened to responsibility in this country? It’s YOUR FAULT for buying a house which is outside your means. And now the government is supposed to bail you out? So I’m supposed to pay higher taxes so you can live in your home, while I am unable to purchase one myself? Where does that add up?

Hey, I guess the new motto is, work hard, but when the going gets tough, cry like a baby and the government will bail you out. That does not compute.

This is part of a bigger problem, where everyone thinks they deserve everything. No longer can you give used clothing to people in need. No, they need new clothing. No more do people have two old cars, but rather two with leases on both. And then, when the going gets rough, they cry and cry that they can’t afford it.

When will people take responsibility for any of their actions?

Mr. Knowledge thinks never.

Mike Vick

Mike Vick should rot in prison, yet, people are saying it was racially charged. Excuse me? He killed defenseless animals. Where is the race in that? I even read somewhere where someone stated that it’s black culture to fight dogs, and some other rubbish. So if it’s my culture to hate people of color, does that make it right?

Mr. Knowledge says no it does not.

Presidential politics

The Drudge is reporting that Hillary’s records from her years as First Lady will not be released until after her run for the presidency. Why? They are being reviewed by a small staff at the Clinton library and the staff will be unable to process the volume of materials in time for voters to review her previous attempt at running our health care system.

Isn’t that convenient?

Letter To The UW-Conservation Division

This candy-ass division of our University says they want to be 20% reduced, or 20% something by 2010. Whatever it is, they want to be using less energy. This is what i had to say to them :

“I think it’s so funny how big of a hypocrite the UW is. You want more conservation, yet you water lawns (question i asked a while back, and never heard a response from), you put 2 new dorms in, which hold less than Ogg, then want to tear Ogg down. Also, not sure if it’s just rumor, but tear down Sellery and Whitte? Where is the conservation there? Ogg just needed a little work to get that nice enough. Building on University Square is also a non-conservatory effort. While new equipment is necessary, new rooms are not. The students of today can learn in the same classrooms our parents did. Now, while I agree some dorms may be too small, why not use Ogg as a single student/room? When will it end? If only they’d stop building, maybe we could save on energy, and with that money, maybe pay some professors to stay on campus.”

I was going to end with, and lower tuition for us students, but I thought they wouldn’t think I was taking a direct approach against their Al Gore hypocrite style of living.

Mr. Knowledge

Where do YOUR tax dollars go?

Almost everyone believes that their taxes are too high. For some, taxes steal more than half of the income. Consider how many taxes you pay.

Each individual pays: income tax, sales tax, license fees, permit fees, Social Security tax, unemployment taxes, property taxes, pet fees, yada yada.

In addition, what we buy includes the taxes that employers and businesses pay to the government which include, but are not limited to: unemployment taxes, health insurance premiums, Social Security taxes, FISA taxes, and fees for the right to do business, etc. These costs are, obviously, part of the final price you pay for any product or service you buy. But are these taxes really being spent wisely?

Unfortunately, this Democratic Congress has maintained the earmark system which allows them to hide ridiculous expenditures within another legislative bill. These earmarks serve no one but the congressman’s reelection chances. Earmarks include subsidizing peanut farmers in Georgia and teaching native Haiwaiians how to canoe! Every Congress person has a pet project and we are the ones paying for them.

So, where do YOUR tax dollars go? Are you buying a bridge to nowhere in Alaska or are you paying a farmer not to grow a crop? Are you funding a project that will actually help someone or just paying the bills for yet another bureaucratic juggernaut?

Check it out. Your tax dollars should be spent for our common good, not for a Congressman’s welfare.

Who can you believe?

No one these days. Everyone is a flip-flop artist. Both sides have their share. The real problem is no-one calls anyone out on anything anymore, well except for those LIEberal TV stations. But do they call everyone out? No, only George Bush, and any other Republican in congress. They believe that the American public is stupid, and most of it is to listen to these idiots and believe them, so they can say whatever they want and no-one will call them on it. But when you directly ask one of these stations, all they say is, “Well, well…. Fox News is Conservative.” What are your comparisons for this? Did you know that there’s a show called Hannity & Colmes. Colmes is a Democrat. Did you know that they give pretty fair coverage? Probably not cause you only watch that lackluster comedian John Stewart and only see the 2 scenes that are based on pro-Republican ideas. Watch it for a day and you’ll find some very fair coverage. Sure they have O’Riley and Hannity, but NBC or CBS or ABC (same shit, different pile) has Chris Matthews (just shit), a former Democratic writer. Yeah, no bias there.

Back to John Stewart. Did you notice his whole comedy is based on showing a clip of GWB and then him staring at the monitor like a dumb-shit, and everyone laughing. Ok, it’s not funny, people are just too stupid to make up their mind so they try to look to you. And yeah, you are shitty. There’s probably good reason you are named like the last losing President and Vice President candidates. Oh yeah, who were they? Flush the Johns!!!!

Mr. Knowledge knows. And that’s why he’s Mr. Knowledge.

More on "their" money……

Do you have health care? We do.
Who pays for it? We do.

Does your neighbor have health care?
If you do, odds are that your neighbor does, too.

Does everyone have health care? No.
Should everyone have health care? Yes.

Who should pay for health care? The ones who already pay for their own or the ones who are not currently paying for health care?

That is the crux of the issue. Should we, who have put money aside for years and foregone certain luxuries, in order to provide for our families, now have to pay for someone else? It hardly seems fair.

This, however, is what Congress is trying to pass without the American public’s knowledge. And, worse yet, they are trying to make American tax payers foot the bill for illegal immigrants!!!!!

This Congress pledged to be honest and aboveboard in all matters. So far, they have wasted more time on inquiries into red herrings than any previous Congress. They have accomplished so little that their approval ratings are the lowest of the low.

Maybe this Congress should begin to look into ways to save the American tax payer money rather than on how to sneak new costs into the budget. The tax burden is already incredibly high for many of us. It is insulting to now ask us to pay for the health care of people who are not even American citizens.