I don’t like LIEberals…

Plain and simple. So foreclosures are up to all time highs, and who do you blame? Blame Bush. Well that’s what you’d say if you are one of these people getting foreclosed on. Whatever happened to responsibility in this country? It’s YOUR FAULT for buying a house which is outside your means. And now the government is supposed to bail you out? So I’m supposed to pay higher taxes so you can live in your home, while I am unable to purchase one myself? Where does that add up?

Hey, I guess the new motto is, work hard, but when the going gets tough, cry like a baby and the government will bail you out. That does not compute.

This is part of a bigger problem, where everyone thinks they deserve everything. No longer can you give used clothing to people in need. No, they need new clothing. No more do people have two old cars, but rather two with leases on both. And then, when the going gets rough, they cry and cry that they can’t afford it.

When will people take responsibility for any of their actions?

Mr. Knowledge thinks never.

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