Monthly Archives: February 2016


The Republicans have offered the most diverse group of candidates for President that we have ever seen.  And, to a man……… or woman…………they have been very qualified for the Presidency.

And, no matter who wins the nomination, we will be happy.  After all, none of them are being investigated for criminal acts, like Hillary Clinton is.  But, more importantly, all of them have high standards of morality on a wide variety of issues.  They all seem to understand that we can’t have illegal aliens flood our country and then, allow these illegals to gain welfare benefits and, as in some states, even vote!

Whether Pope Francis understands of not, voting and many other rights in this country are reserved for United States citizens! And, whether he likes it or not, every country in the world has traditionally standards which must be met to be allowed to travel into that country and, more importantly, to stay and live in that country.

All the Republican candidates believe that we must control social spending in order to lower the deficit.  All the Republicans understand that bureaucratic regulation is crushing small businesses and even large corporations and that uncontrolled taxation is driving many of our multi-faceted companies to relocate outside the United States.  And, all the Republican candidates realize that being a strong military presence is a good thing in the world.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barrack Obama accept these concepts which is why our country is in a recession and also at risk for a terrorist attack every day.

However, of all the candidates currently running, my favorite is Ted Cruz.  A Republican ticket with Cruz for President and Ben Carson for Vice President would be a true meeting of the minds.  Both of them are brilliant thinkers, as their past history illustrates.  Both of them are men of strong, moral character, regardless of what the media says.  Both of them believe in a strong, united America.  Both of them are willing to aggressively confront all the problems facing the US of A, including illegal immigration, the terrorism threat, the National Deficit, and the burgeoning Federal bureaucracy.

So, even though I would vote for any of the Republican candidates, my preference is for Ted Cruz to be our nominee.  Time to start “cruisin’ ”  with Ted.