Monthly Archives: November 2019

I’d RATHER not!

I’d rather not believe Dan Rather, that is.

Once again, Dan is doing his best to sway an electorate! He is showing his Lie-beral colors again. But, why do Lie-berals feel the need to label Conservatives and then reject those they have labeled?

Dan Rather just said that Trump supporters are a cult! (

Really? Remember Danny Boy Rather? He tried to bring down President George W Bush, # 43, by promoting false allegations. For that, he lost his job. Now, he hopes to bring down President Trump by demonizing Trump supporters.

I don’t think that Democrats nor the media understand the anger such derogatory labels promote. Dems want to lump all Trump supporters into a bunch so they can label us and then insult us. However, if you watch Trump rallies, his supporters come in all colors, shapes and sizes. So, one label is NOT going to fit us all.

I’m proud to say my husband and I support President Trump. And, I’m proud of those who refuse to be intimidated by libs. I’m proud that Trump supporters know that the impeachment effort by Schiff and his ilk is a long-shot strategy of trying to put labels of our President and then, hoping the American voter will believe the lies and innuendoes.

So, do not believe someone like Dan Rather who already is known to be guilty of malfeasance. Believe President Trump who is doing exactly what he promised to do…..and, that is, make America Great AGAIN.