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How to leave a legacy………..

So, Saturday Night Live now has a lady who is willing to use the F word on tv!  Wow, what a wonderful legacy for that “lady” to be forever known as the first person to say F something on tv.  Her parents must be sooooooooooo proud!

Obama — the Great Fence Straddler

Now, President Obama wants to legalize even illegal aliens just so they can get health care coverage!  What kind of crazy logic is that?

Oh, I know.  Let’s invite in the felons from every country in the world so the American taxpayer can provide health care benefits, housing, and even food.  Why should an American citizen expect to use his own hard earned wages for himself and his family?

Oh, Lord.  Save us from Obama’s attempts to buy votes with welfare!

Joe Wilson

When President Bush (41) spoke to school children, the Democrats demanded hearings on the issue.  When President Obama spoke with school children, the Democrats were vocal in their outrage that anyone would question Obama.

When President Bush was called Hitler and other vicious names on the House floor, the Democrats encouraged them. When Joe Wilson rebukes Obama for an erroneous statement, the Democrats censure him.

When other countries insulted us, our system, and demanded MORE MONEY, the Democrats said nothing.  When Russia decides to give nuclear weapons to Venezuela, they sit on their hands.

So, when the President made his comment, so obviously wrong at that time, someone from his own party should have called him on it.  But, the Democrats are afraid to be out of lock step with Pelosi and Reid, so they waited for someone else to reprove the President.  That person was Joe Wilson.

Joe just called it like he saw it!

Maher’s mar

For someone who considers himself to be an intellectual comedian, Maher is the absolute dumbest guy on the planet.  And, worse, he wants to make trouble because it helps coalesce one class of Americans against another.

The latest misperception by him is about a Drudge headline:

Maher claims that the headline is racist.  I think that his radical ideology causes him to perceive too many comments as being provocative.  The use of “negs” has been a common shortening of negatives for years and years.  If Maher would actually read something other than his own clippings, he would see that there is nothing racist about the word!

However, it is so much easier to claim racism and provoke more division among Americans than it is to unite diverse people.  Democrats are known for their class warfare rants and their inability to see anything but their own ideas.

Maher’s continuous search for reasons to hate conservatives could actually be his own subliminal struggle against racist thoughts that he himself has.  After all, when Rosana Dana — aka Gilda Radner — was accused of flatulence on Saturday Night Live, her response was, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

I think that Maher is stinking up the airwaves with his biased commentary and this is just another mar against Maher!

CNN spinning

I think that many Americans feel as Joe Wilson did about President Obama’s speech last night — “that’s a lie!”–  rather than the spin some networks are handing out as their “reading” of the president’s speech last night.

CNN, especially,  has once again shown itself to be a partisan network, heavily biased in FAVOR of President Obama.  It doesn’t seem to matter how ridiculous Obama’s statements are, CNN routinely “finds” people who agree with them.  In this case, CNN did a poll of reactions to the President’s pathetic attempt to justify his health care reform package.  Characteristically, they included nearly twice the Democrats compared to Republicans in the poll.

CNN Poll: Double-digit post-speech jump for Obama plan

Let’s face it.  CNN wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

The truth is that there is no need for health care reform.  What is needed is to reform Medicare so that doctors get paid what their services are worth!  What is needed is tort reform so doctors don’t pay upwards of $200,000 PER YEAR in malpractice fees,  trying to offset the ridiculous cases that are pressed against them. What is needed is for the Democrats to stop playing politics.

Health care reform, as envisioned by Obama, is nothing more than a hand out to groups that support him.  The unions are the worst of the worst.  But, I heard Obama enlist another group last night — the nurses!  It is always pleasant to be told that you are so vital that we want to raise your salary; however, Obama is using them as yet another divisive ploy in an attempt to “get his way” on health care reform.

This is just another case of class warfare at which Obama is the king.  Unfortunately, he wants to be king of the world, and health care is just his platform.  Time for “the king” to step down from his throne and stop raising the national debt at the cost of our grandchildren.  And, it is time for networks like CNN, NBC, and even ABC, to stop letting Obama get away with such patently untrue statements!

How soon Democrats forget!

Remember when President Bush (41) spoke with school children and Congress held hearings about his speech to see if if money was illegally spent by Bush 41?  Eventually, the expenses were determined to be legitimate because Bush did not speak on political matters.

Now, President Obama has spoken with school children and many of us did not approve of the original topics.  But, in this case, there will be no congressional hearings because Democrats NOW approve of such speeches.

Wow.  Talk about hypocrisy.

Bipartisanship–a Democrat’s view

Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, the White House Council on Environmental Quality. February 11, 2009, Berkeley, CA. From a lecture Jones gave at the 2nd Annual Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) event.

So, Republicans are all alike and we’re all what?   Here is yet another of President Obama’s appointees who, dare we say it, lacks diplomatic skills and experience necessary to do a good job.  How can anyone expect a Republican, or anyone else, to work with this guy?