CNN spinning

I think that many Americans feel as Joe Wilson did about President Obama’s speech last night — “that’s a lie!”–  rather than the spin some networks are handing out as their “reading” of the president’s speech last night.

CNN, especially,  has once again shown itself to be a partisan network, heavily biased in FAVOR of President Obama.  It doesn’t seem to matter how ridiculous Obama’s statements are, CNN routinely “finds” people who agree with them.  In this case, CNN did a poll of reactions to the President’s pathetic attempt to justify his health care reform package.  Characteristically, they included nearly twice the Democrats compared to Republicans in the poll.

CNN Poll: Double-digit post-speech jump for Obama plan

Let’s face it.  CNN wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

The truth is that there is no need for health care reform.  What is needed is to reform Medicare so that doctors get paid what their services are worth!  What is needed is tort reform so doctors don’t pay upwards of $200,000 PER YEAR in malpractice fees,  trying to offset the ridiculous cases that are pressed against them. What is needed is for the Democrats to stop playing politics.

Health care reform, as envisioned by Obama, is nothing more than a hand out to groups that support him.  The unions are the worst of the worst.  But, I heard Obama enlist another group last night — the nurses!  It is always pleasant to be told that you are so vital that we want to raise your salary; however, Obama is using them as yet another divisive ploy in an attempt to “get his way” on health care reform.

This is just another case of class warfare at which Obama is the king.  Unfortunately, he wants to be king of the world, and health care is just his platform.  Time for “the king” to step down from his throne and stop raising the national debt at the cost of our grandchildren.  And, it is time for networks like CNN, NBC, and even ABC, to stop letting Obama get away with such patently untrue statements!

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