Maher’s mar

For someone who considers himself to be an intellectual comedian, Maher is the absolute dumbest guy on the planet.  And, worse, he wants to make trouble because it helps coalesce one class of Americans against another.

The latest misperception by him is about a Drudge headline:

Maher claims that the headline is racist.  I think that his radical ideology causes him to perceive too many comments as being provocative.  The use of “negs” has been a common shortening of negatives for years and years.  If Maher would actually read something other than his own clippings, he would see that there is nothing racist about the word!

However, it is so much easier to claim racism and provoke more division among Americans than it is to unite diverse people.  Democrats are known for their class warfare rants and their inability to see anything but their own ideas.

Maher’s continuous search for reasons to hate conservatives could actually be his own subliminal struggle against racist thoughts that he himself has.  After all, when Rosana Dana — aka Gilda Radner — was accused of flatulence on Saturday Night Live, her response was, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

I think that Maher is stinking up the airwaves with his biased commentary and this is just another mar against Maher!

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