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Today’s Politically Correct Racism

Here’s a simple test on Affirmative Action.

1) You cannot drink water out of my water fountain due to your RACE. <– Racism
2) You are accepted into the University, due to your RACE.  <- Perfectly fine for the PC crowd.

Look, they’re both utter bullshit.  It’s not like these bozos are accepting equally academic strong individuals, they blatantly say that the students are accepted PURELY on race.  It’s actually kind of appalling that the irony is missed by so many.  Ok, if you want to have outreach programs and such to try and attract minority candidates, then I guess I’m ok to a point with that.  But to actually say with a straight face that I’m accepting this student due solely to his or her race, and not see anything wrong with that… then I guess I just can’t comprehend the PC culture.

– Mr. Knowledge

You talk too much……

When we were in our teens, there was a song titled:    “You talk too much.”

It could have been written with President Obama in mind because, the one thing that Obama does well is TALK!

Of course, he  also plays basketball, golfs, travels, and wines and dines the famous…..all at great expense on the taxpayers’ dime.  BUT, he does do one thing that costs nothing………and, that is…….he TALKS!  Despite having NO executive experience, he talked his way into the Oval Office.  He talked himself past the problems that plague our country, like High Unemployment,  a stock market run amuck,  a stimulus bill that never delivered, and, innumerable scandals concerning his staff and chosen aides. His attorney general, Holder, has a contempt of Congress charge against him and, Obama refuses to fire him.

Now, he is attempting to talk himself past even more scandals, like the IRS targeting American conservatives and using the power of the IRS to help re-elect Obama and Democrats.  He presides over the scandalous invasion of our privacy by monitoring our phones, internet and even, we hear, opening some of our mail.  He has nominated friends who, if they were ordinary people like us, would be in court desperately trying to stay out of jail.

And, always, our President talks and talks.  I am sick of his talk.  The promises of unifying our country, the vow to promote jobs for our friends and family,  his arrogant talk of how righteous he and his minions are.

The problem is that, while talk is usually cheap, the result of Obama’s loose lips has been to cheapen America’s worth…..  in economic events, moral authority, and even in securing our country against terrorism and foreign powers.

So, please, President Obama.  Just stop talking and start working.  Until then, this song was written for you, President Obama.

“You Talk Too Much”



(Joe Jones and Reginald Hall)



You talk too much
You worry me to death
You talk too much
You even worry my pet

You just talk
Talk too much

You talk about people
That you don’t know
You talk about people
Wherever you go

You just talk
Talk too much

You talk about people
That you’ve never seen
You talk about people
You can make me scream

You just talk
you talk too much



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