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Democrats are elitists

Even though Democrats enjoy promoting the image of themselves as “one of the people”, Senator Kerry’s recent statement that the virtue of a college education is that you do not need to serve in the military is yet the latest freudian slip for him and his fellow Democrats!

He has long been an elitist, but, in the past, his handlers and the Democratic party have done a pretty good job of covering up his, and their, arrogance and ignorance. The liberal media is already trying to smooth over Kerry’s statement because: “He was tired”….”He made a slip of the tongue”, etc. But, for a supposedly smart guy, he sure does say some stupid things.

I think that Kerry was showing his true disdain for those “beneath” him. His obvious denigration of the intelligence of our military should hit close to home…OUR HOME! Why? Because each and every soldier is one of US. They are highly trained, highly intelligent fighters who fight to protect us.

If Kerry wants to make fun of our soldiers, let him suffer the consequences. Mocking the abilities of our bravest and best citizens in public should bring condemnation, not excuses. He might think it was just a clever way to encourage students to do well in school. I see his statement, so typical of Democratic litanies, as the ultimate insult to our fighting men and women and as the ultimate repudiation of America that he began when he returned from Vietnam.

Each and every soldier deserves our thanks, respect, and adulation. So, from the bottom of my heart, I say to our fighting men and women, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Fair target or not?

In recent days, much has been made of the Missouri ad campaign both for and against their referendum, #2, which concerns cloning.

Michael J. Fox’s ad supports such research for obvious reasons. He has a horrible, rapidly advancing disease and he is desperate to be cured. The bottom line, though, is that he is willing to sacrifice the right to life of the “embryo” if it cures him. His position certainly is not philanthropic, but self-serving.

Another group, also including celebrities but with nothing to gain, has created an opposing ad which explains the false advertising of referendum # 2. In fact, the financial supporters of measure # 2 stand to gain financially and that alone should make people stop and consider the issue.

Unfortunately, the media are in full cry– not because the facts support Mr. Fox — but because they say it is unjustified to attack M.J. Fox who is a victim of a cruel disease. While it is true that M.J. Fox is grievously ill, it is also true that he gave up his right to be considered a “victim” when he opted to make the commercial. At that point, he became a political player.

So, let’s have a close examination of all the political issues and not allow glitzy Hollywood figures to present themselves as experts. The only thing Hollywood is good at is making movies. Let’s leave the important decisions to those who are the real experts — the American voters!

Ignorance is Bliss….

Today’s young voters, and sometimes even older voters are ignorant to policies and ideas. This problem has caused many times for people who do not deserve to be elected, Jim Doyle for instance, into office.

First things first. Doyle has raised tuition 52 percent in the 4 years since he’s taken office. Now I read that he’s going to give a tax write-off to instate students to help with the extra burden. Of course this is a political stunt because he’s being chastised for raising tuition by the Green camp. So, as a normal lib, he tries to pull some ass backwards idea out to help save him. Isn’t it time we hold him accountable? Of course, all the ignorant people out there will forget the increase and only see his tax break and be, “Hey, he’s looking out for us.” Well, he isn’t. He’s looking out to cover own backside, to win re-election, and then in the end blame someone else for the tuition problems.

Secondly, Harley-Davidson is moving a plant out of the state. This is because of some tax problems with their employes who already earn a crap load and have great benefits. Harley wants to increase production, so they’d need to cut some of these benefits, at least that’s what I’ve heard. To keep them in the state, Doyle was going to give them a tax break. Harley voted it down, and they are moving out of state. Now, if a sitting Republican had made that tax break to them, they would be ‘giving a tax break to corporations‘. But since it’s a democrat, he’s trying to improve economy. So, big time companies do help economy. Hm… I guess those GWB tax breaks do work.

Third is a little more head slapper. I know someone who is a very huge enviromentalist. She hates any kind of developement because it’s destorying what is already there. That has some basis. Yes stuff is being destroyed because of building, but you have to remember, population IS increasing. This is where it gets good though as she claimed that if banks have a loan on some land, and a developer wants to buy it, the banks can just take the land and sell it to the developer. When people have the wrong facts, it’s almost ridiculous. Infact, it IS ridiculous. When you base part of your opinion off of lies and false truths, then your opinion should be thrown out. She has many good points about people destroying the enviroment, but when her opinions are tainted by false ideas like this, you wonder why someone feels strongly about a point. Is it based off a lie, or do they actually have facts to back it up? It falls right in line with Barrett from UW-Madison. You have a right to freedom of teaching, but when your opinion has no factual truth, you are just lying, and that is not tolerated.

Wango tango.

-Mr. Knowledge

What a surprise!

Another press conference is held, and David Gregory defiantly attacks the President with a question obviously meant to inflict political harm, not to elicit new information!

My question is why any reputable network would hire a partisan like Mr. Gregory.

The media’s political con game

Anyone who watches tv can probably identify the political biases of a given network. Fox is considered center to right of center. CNN is slightly left of center while MSNBC is definitely in left field. Most viewers can feel these slants just by watching and gauging network coverage.

A new study that I heard about yesterday, however, presents a more objective conclusion because, in this study, they actually counted and timed the air time of all stories by the “old” networks — ABC, NBC, and CBS.

This study would, obviously, be more scientific and definitive than merely calling and asking someone what they thought.

The conclusions showed not only definite biases by the networks, but an actual intent, and attempt, to skew the news to support liberal theology (and, yes, it is a religion for most liberals).

Unsurprisingly, CBS was determined to have shown far longer and more sensationalistic articles when the subject demeaned the current administration. When the news was positive, or pro-Administration, the stories were short and curt.

Especially during this pre-election period, voters should not rely on the drivel that drools from these openly liberal proponents. Dan Rather was fired for stepping over the journalistic line. Is it too much to hope that the CBS executives will suffer the same fate for using their air time to promote an ideology rather than present the news?

Voters should consider their decisions based on facts, not media driven falsehoods. Voters should attempt to discern the true issues of safety, economic security, and general welfare based on factual accounts.

And, if jobs, housing, security, and general well-being are the standards, then the Republicans have done an extraordinarily good job and should be re-elected.

A Little Too Far?

Well, the left is at it again. Barbara Streisand had a concert in NY I believe, and she did a skit ripping on Bush. As a fan yelled and said he wanted a refund, she said, “Shut the f**k up if you can’t take a joke.” Now what is so funny about this is, it was no joke. What the joke is people are like, oh yeah, that was funny Barbara. I wonder if she ever did a ‘joke’ about good ole Bill Clinton? I bet not

n this time of political fire we really need to take a step back and see what people are doing and saying. Like the Foley case. Does anyone realize that there have been many democrat senators who actually had SEX with their underage victims and were still supported by the democratic party and won a few re-elctions. I am in no way supporting Foley, but the democrats can sure turn the other cheek when one of their own do the same, or in this case and many more, worse things.

Ohh… this was a few weeks ago but I was listening to some lib radio down here in Madison. The lady on there said that Bush was at parties groping other women. She was like, what kind of president would act like that. Now I’m not saying that had Bush done that, it would be right, but the hipocrisy of the left to think Clinton is their perfect leader, when he did much worse things than Bush is doing in their minds at parties. It doesn’t add up, but then again, nothing in the way liberals think do.

For Wisconsin voters who may ever read this. Vote YES in the marriage ban, vote Mark Green in and let’s get rid of the Doyle tuition hikes. Somehow he’s convinced the liberals that he didn’t have anything to do with it. Does anyone actually realize he’s increased it for in-state people and decresed for out-of-state. Isn’t a University such as Madison supposed to pander to in-state people.

– Mr. Knowledge

Media’s drive to "drive" The News

There is an interesting posting on the Drudge today that speculates as to whether the IM that sank Foley’s career was actually part and parcel of an elaborate joke gone “bad”. The unfortunate jokesters, it is said, have now hired lawyers to protect themselves from any law suits that might spring from their defaming, although unwittingly, the now defunct Flordia legislator and/or others.

Wow. What if that is true? If you didn’t read the Drudge, you would never hear of this possibility because the media pundits are intent on ramming the trainload of accusations further down the track. They don’t want to wait and see if the rail cars are full or not.

For example, if you watched Tony Snow’s news conference today, you would have seen David Gregory once again trying to extricate an answer that coincides with David’s view of the issue. Mr. Gregory is unable to accept any answer unless it fits his agenda. He is typical of the media with his arrogant assumption that the other “guy” has to be wrong and he has to be right.

We’ll have to wait and see how this fiasco turns out.

However, if the genesis of this scandal does begin with a false and horrible practical joke, I hope that the joke comes back to bite the media and not us!

A Difference of Opinion

There is a difference of opinion in America. Having a differing opinion about what movie to watch, is good. It’s what makes everyone an individual. But, differences in how to handle terroism and dangerous threats to America should never be left to people who’s opinion is swayed purely by their own selfish, personal gain.

Terroism is obviously a huge issue in America. How best to defeat these horrible, horrible people is up for debate. Nancy Palosi will try to make you believe that America is bad, and if we’d just keep our nose out of issues, everything would work out. I’m sorry, but that did not work. We did that in the 90’s and we were attacked many times. These people want to kill us, not because of what we do, it’s because of who we are. We aren’t Muslim, so to them we deserve to die.

See this is where the whole focus changes. No one who can honestly think through this would ever want to sit on our hands, but since Nancy will probably get re-elected because of this view, she’s going to push that issue. People see me and think, oh all he wants is to fight in a war. I want peace just as much as anyone else. I just realize that to make peace, sometimes you have to fight.

I’ve already went over illegal immigration in a previous article, but that could easily go in this article. This leads into the Voter-ID situation. Democrats do not want Voter-ID because that would mean many illegal immigrants who vote for the democrats will now not be able to vote. But, what they tell you is that the poor will have problems getting ID’s. Well, ho-hum, the ID’s would be offered free of charge. So their whole argument has no basis what-so-ever.

– Mr. Knowledge

Who’s for "go" and who’s for "show" ?

The difference between the political parties in dealing with scandals is strikingly clear when you compare the reactions of both parties to the despicable actions of the Florida legislator.

When a Democrat shows bad behaviour, the Democrats circle the wagons and use every means, fair and foul, to keep that person in office. President Clinton was the most recent and egregious betrayer of the public trust when he abused a White House intern and lied about it to the public. He was not the only Democrat to commit immoral and even criminal acts, but he certainly was the most public figure to do so. What happened? Most Democrats tried to defend him rather than impeach him.

Now, a Republican has been caught and what happened? The Republicans immediately forced the miscreant to resign. While the Democrats are whooping and hollering, happy to witch hunt with questions about who knew what, when, and how, the Republicans acted.

That is the difference between the two parties. The Democrats scheme to gain the most political mileage from every event. The Republicans act honorably and evict the offender.