Democrats are elitists

Even though Democrats enjoy promoting the image of themselves as “one of the people”, Senator Kerry’s recent statement that the virtue of a college education is that you do not need to serve in the military is yet the latest freudian slip for him and his fellow Democrats!

He has long been an elitist, but, in the past, his handlers and the Democratic party have done a pretty good job of covering up his, and their, arrogance and ignorance. The liberal media is already trying to smooth over Kerry’s statement because: “He was tired”….”He made a slip of the tongue”, etc. But, for a supposedly smart guy, he sure does say some stupid things.

I think that Kerry was showing his true disdain for those “beneath” him. His obvious denigration of the intelligence of our military should hit close to home…OUR HOME! Why? Because each and every soldier is one of US. They are highly trained, highly intelligent fighters who fight to protect us.

If Kerry wants to make fun of our soldiers, let him suffer the consequences. Mocking the abilities of our bravest and best citizens in public should bring condemnation, not excuses. He might think it was just a clever way to encourage students to do well in school. I see his statement, so typical of Democratic litanies, as the ultimate insult to our fighting men and women and as the ultimate repudiation of America that he began when he returned from Vietnam.

Each and every soldier deserves our thanks, respect, and adulation. So, from the bottom of my heart, I say to our fighting men and women, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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