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How to be a racist

Racism is currently a nasty word meaning that you base an opinion or action solely on someone’s ethnic background. It has become this century’s defining method of manhandling actions, words, and issues aside, if they don’t please the powers that be. Racism is used at every turn to trump a myriad of reasonable discussion points when the speaker doesn’t want to honestly discuss the issues.

So, how does racism become the instrument of striking down an opponent?

Last week, President Bush’s comment on appeasement potentially harming our country was considered racist because the PC (politically correct) crowd assumed that President Bush HAD to have been referencing Senator Obama.

Today, Senator Clinton made a historically correct comment about Bobbie Kennedy’s assasination and immediately the PC decided she had made a racist comment that threatened Senator Obama.

This is crazy. The PC assumes that only white people can be racists, but that belief is demonstrably untrue.

92% of black people in some states acknowledge that they voted for Obama, not Hillary. Statistically speaking, it is almost impossible to get much more than 50% of any group to agree to anything or anyone, so this vote is statistically impossible………….unless you consider race. Obama is black. 92% of blacks voted for him, not the other Democrat, Senator Clinton, who has almost the exact positions on most issues. Wasn’t that vote racist?

Have you noticed how often Obama reminds people that he is black? Is he? He is half black and half white because he had a white mother. Shouldn’t he be saying that he is white at least 50% of the time? He won’t because it is to his benefit to have the blacks united on his behalf. That is racist, too!

People should not react with bias toward any specific ethnic group, but rather face people as individuals. The PC crowd routinely claims racism if anyone disagrees with their position, because it is easier than having an honest discussion. All they have to do is claim someone made a racist statement and the media runs with the story until the world assumes the accusation is true.

Racism accusations are the easiest of all slurs to utter because no one makes you prove the accusation. But, by claiming racism at every turn, these PC people are creating so much dissension that our country is being split apart yet again. Do they care? I think not.

Until the use of racism as an attack vehicle stops being a good selling point for politicians, we can expect more such allegations, not less. Unfortunately, Senator Obama is proving that he, too, knows “how to be a racist.”

Spin The Truth

Read This!

Liberal #1 “The bogus statement we made about hurricanes increasing due to global warming was wrong. Maybe we should find some other outlandish statement so we can get published.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “Why don’t we tell them that the hurricanes will decrease in number, but increase in intensity.”

Liberal #2 “You idiot. That won’t scare people into believe us. We need to do something more. If we somehow say we disproved that CO2 makes up only 0.0360% of the gas in the atmosphere, and say it’s around 35%, we can then say we were correct.”

(Ignorant) Liberal # 3 “But how do we get the news to run our story?”

Liberal #1 “They print anything we say. Must be your first day as a Liberal eh?”

Liberal #2 “We first tell them a story how Bush eats kittens. They’ll print anything that’s anti-Bush. Then we come up with this huge formula to run after the kitten story… oh screw it. We’ll just get a couple of researchers together and have them write up some scientific worded story, and then say it’s a consensus and people will believe us.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “Brilliant idea. I already have the picture for the kitten story.”

Liberal #2 “You idiot. We were saving that for next week when John Stewart rips on some random quote Bush says.”

Liberal #1 “Yes, here is a preview.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “That Jon Stewart is so funny.”

Mr. Knowledge

The new "low-down"

Democrats are furious that President Bush publicly stated that he is against appeasing terrorists. Their reply is to come out, in force, calling him names and denigrating him for this position. There is no sober discussion of what he meant, but an immediate assumption that he meant THEM, specifically Senator Obama!!!

And, the media faithfully continues the charade, just as if the Democrats were not at fault. President Bush is right and everyone knows that. But, for political advantage, the Democrats are going to pretend to be offended. This politization of our domestic and foreign policy is bread and butter to Democrats. They consistently impair our President’s ability to deal with our national security, whether he is home or abroad, and then turn to vitriolic attacks against him.

Unfortunately, the consequences always harm our country and its stature in the world. Their constant harranguing against President Bush makes other nations feel they, too, can continually assail our intentions and actions. The Democrats’ constant barrage against the President makes other countries feel free to jump on the raucous band wagon of disdain.

Democrats say they are just as patriotic as any American, but I disagree. It is unpatriotic to not defend our troops, especially while they are at war. It is unpatriotic to undermine our President, especially while we are at war, all in the name of winning the presidency in the next election. It is unpatriotic to do anything –whether it is name calling or outright lying — simply for political advantage.

How low-down can they get?


Senator Obama is upset at something President Bush said while in Israel because he claims that President Bush was insulting HIM!

Does Obama truly believe that the President of the United States would use such a momentous occassion to insult Obama? The President was dismissing the idea that you can talk with terrorists and convince them of their own faulty logic and it probably never occurred to him that Obama would consider himself the target.

Egocentric? Oh, my yes. That word definitely defines Senator Obama.