Spin The Truth

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Liberal #1 “The bogus statement we made about hurricanes increasing due to global warming was wrong. Maybe we should find some other outlandish statement so we can get published.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “Why don’t we tell them that the hurricanes will decrease in number, but increase in intensity.”

Liberal #2 “You idiot. That won’t scare people into believe us. We need to do something more. If we somehow say we disproved that CO2 makes up only 0.0360% of the gas in the atmosphere, and say it’s around 35%, we can then say we were correct.”

(Ignorant) Liberal # 3 “But how do we get the news to run our story?”

Liberal #1 “They print anything we say. Must be your first day as a Liberal eh?”

Liberal #2 “We first tell them a story how Bush eats kittens. They’ll print anything that’s anti-Bush. Then we come up with this huge formula to run after the kitten story… oh screw it. We’ll just get a couple of researchers together and have them write up some scientific worded story, and then say it’s a consensus and people will believe us.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “Brilliant idea. I already have the picture for the kitten story.”

Liberal #2 “You idiot. We were saving that for next week when John Stewart rips on some random quote Bush says.”

Liberal #1 “Yes, here is a preview.”

(Ignorant) Liberal #3 “That Jon Stewart is so funny.”

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