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The tail end of a greedy tale….

Once upon a time, there was a large village called Happyland, so named because most of the people were content.  Oh,  there were problems, but for the most part, the majority felt that their little island was a safe and secure homeland. Because this village boasted almost every race, color and creed, everyone who came could find somewhere to be accepted.  So, it was, indeed, a happy land. 

Then, one day, in a village across the water but not too far away, loud sounds were heard and people died.  Evil stalked the Earth again.  Happyland was unhappy to hear of trouble anywhere; but, after all, they were an island and no harm could reach them.

Well, sad to say, one day Harm did come to Happyland.  There were big explosions and many people died.  Everyone in Happyland immediately demanded that the evil people who had brought this disaster to them be found and punished.  The people demanded that every means possible be used to find the perpetrators.  After all, Security was at stake!

So, the officials  began their search.  They looked high in the sky, checking all the airplanes and the people on the airplanes.  They looked low, checking all the people and baggage on trains and buses.  They looked in between, checking all the telephones and computers.  There were no more attacks and the people rested better at night.

But then, it was time to elect new officials or to re-elect the old officials.  The wanna-be officials decided that it was time to rewrite history.  Instead of agreeing, as they had in the past, that the elected officials had done everything that the population had demanded – and that everyone had agreed with at that time —  the wanna-be group insulted, denigrated, denied, and attacked every word, action, and intent of those in power.  If you had been listening to the new diatribe, you would have assumed that Happyland had been attacked again.

Not so.

In fact, Happyland prospered despite the attack.  Yes, there were people who lost treasures and lives in other tragedies;  but, that is Life, isn’t it?  But, more and more people built or bought homes.  Almost everyone had enough money for food, clothing and everyday expenses.  Children smiled and shouted once again.  In short, you would have thought that Happyland would have been happy.  And, they were. 

Well, they were until the microphones started shouting that Happyland was NOT happy.  Day after day and night after night, the litany rang out.  The elected officials were vilified at every twist and turn.  Eventually, people began to wonder if they truly were happy.

Those who defended Happyland began to lose their place of honor because they had used force to protect Happyland.  Even though people could sleep better at night because of that force, the wanna-be politicians derided the very group that had saved Happyland.  Every move and decision was questioned and debated with the benefit of hindsight.  The wanna-be group made a concerted effort to convince others that “they” would have done better.  Unfortunately for them, the history books show that they, too,  made decisions based on the facts available at the time.  But, they refused to listen and insisted that the “OTHERS” had been wrong!

The constant barrage of criticism eventually changed Happyland into Unhappyland.  Rather than working with others to protect the happy island, the naysayers used every opportunity they were given, and bought other opportunities, with the sole intent of tearing down the good that had been done for Happyland.  People became tense and worried again.  Uncertainty about the future created problems for those at home and those at work.  It was a sad time for many.  Instead of promoting a confident atmosphere, the naysayers destroyed the island’s image of a united Happyland.  The naysayers created an atmosphere where terror and evil could sneak in.

And, the Lie-berals smiled. It was another election season!