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Iran — a Killer Nation

Today, and yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and before that, too, negotiations for the British soldiers detained by Iran have continued.


Iran is a terroristic country, run by hoodlums. Diplomacy will only work if you are dealing with other diplomats. When dealing with terrorism, only harsh measures and forceful countermoves will suffice.

Politicians have to stop pretending that if only this, that, or the other thing happens, Iran will be able to step into the world as a responsible country. The fact is that Iran is governed by a murderous theocracy that demands human sacrifice to reach its goals. Iran’s government is a killing machine that understands only murder, rape and pillage.

How do we stop this brutal regime? The only short-term answer is to destroy the country with military might and diplomatic sanctions.

"I told you so"…………..

could be the motto of those who warned that Iran would do anything to maintain a stranglehold on the world.

Iran unilaterally declared that it would not cooperate with UN inspectors. Why? Iran doesn’t like the way the world is reacting to their refusal to deal honorably with the nuclear issue.

Iran routinely threatens Israel and the U.S. Why? Iran doesn’t like that neither the U.S. nor Israel is cowed by their threats.

Now, Iran has kidnapped British troops. Why? Iran claims the troops were “invading” their waters.

When are the nations going to stop the pretense that Iran is a responsible entity in the world? When are the nations going to unite and deal forcibly with the threat that exists in Iran, especially with Amadinejad in power?

What is the answer? The U.S., and Israel, and Britain have maintained that Iran needs to be controlled before the world suffers again from the radical Islamic philosophy that Iran espouses.

When will this happen? Only when another country suffers from Iran’s beligerance. And, then, no one should pretend that Iran’s aggression is a surprise because……….we told you so!

Scandals in the making, ala the Democratic party

Everyone puts some spin on their message, especially when the media is present. However, the Democrats have churned up the revolutions on their spin machine to new levels. The Democrats have decided to throw mud at every possible target in the hopes of improving their own status. Unfortunately, this undisciplined and childish display of vituperation is creating a revolutionary change in public respect and dignity for all our public officials and their offices.

The Valerie Plame incident is only one of many hyperbolic situations “ginned up” by the Democrats in their attempt to create more hatred for the current administration.

1 – The facts are that Valerie Plame was not a secret operative. Bob Novak proved that by finding her name, without resorting to secret files.

2 – Everyone, except Valerie, her husband and the Democratic party, agree that she was instrumental in finding work for her “retired” spouse.

3 – The report filed by her husband directly contradicts his public comments concerning that same report. Nevertheless, the media and the Democrats still pretend to believe his public pronouncements when the report itself repudiates those media commentaries.

The fact that Valerie is youngish, attractive and blond makes her a media star. However, anyone who truly cares about the issue and studies the facts will find that her story is little more than a fabricated scandal used by and for the media and the Democrats. In their zeal to demonize this President, the Democrats are destroying any hope of a national debate on this or any issue. More and more of the Hollywood types feel “safe” in saying the most demonstrably ridiculous and hateful slurs against President Bush that I have ever seen. Even when ex President Clinton was shown to be a pervert and should have been charged with sexual harassment of an employee, no one said such awful things about him. Afterall, what are the intellectual credentials of these critics? Oh, yes, a major network, with obvious liberal slant, puts their face before the audience frequently.

In their quest for elective offices, the Democrats are engaging in a conspiracy with the media hoping to convict any and all associates of this administration. The fact that there is no evidence of wrong doing is immaterial. There is no word too harsh or perjorative for them to use. Their lackeys, such as Rosie O’Donnel and Bill Maher, are encouraged to vilify President Bush by other psuedo intellectuals such as David Letterman. All told, their intellectual achievements cannot equal the Master’s Degree held by President Bush nor the fact that he was a governor of a large state. Another example of their rabid search is Alberto Gonzales…not because he did anything wrong; but because the liberals are manufacturing a scandal out of whole cloth.

What no one in the media or Democratic party mentions, however, is the Democratic member who was caught, on tape, discussing money he took illegally. Are the Democrats baying for his removal? No, they are very carefully tip-toeing around the legislator because: 1 – he is a Democrat; and, 2 – he is black. The Democrats desperately need the black vote next election period and don’t want to muddy the waters with his removal. The Republican who sent sexual text messages was hounded out of office within a week! If that isn’t political hypocrisy, I don’t know what is!

So, where are the true scandals? Everyone should ask the Democrats to sit down and shut up for awhile. Let the dust settle and then, in a civilized manner, study all the issues and come up with a bipartisan conclusion. Our country should be sickened by all the political jokeying for position when those people were elected to represent our best interests.

I don’t expect that to happen, though. The Democrats are too self-centered to consider what their true job is. Their pathetic efforts to indict every Republican with committee subpoenas and thus ensure their re-election is the real scandal in today’s world.

Iran speaks… who cares?

Ok, and I care why? They say they want to eliminate everything that is Christian or anyone who doesn’t believe what they do. So they can rip on us, and we can’t rip on them. EVEN though this isn’t a rip, it’s HISTORY. Just like the Danish cartoons about Muslims got their panties, or rather, head towels in an uproar. How many times have you seen cartoons about Jesus or things I believe in?

The Pseudo martyrdom of Palestinians

After the Holocaust of WWII, the state of Israel was created to give the Jewish people a home where they would always be welcome and where they could live without fear of reprisals from anti-Semitism.

Unfortunately, anti-Semites have never given Israel one day of true peace. Constant vigilance is the mantra of those who live in Israel. For some reason, the world has never required the Palestinians to make an effort to improve their own lot. The world allows the Palestinians to live as refugees because it is so much easier to complain about Israel than to do something with and for Palestinians.

Why are the Palestinians constantly begging for help from the rest of the world? Their own Arabic brethren in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and Egypt have never offered to give up territory to create a Palestinian state. Why should Israel have to give up territory if no one else will? The Jewish people have endured genocide, terrorist bombing, and constant harassment from their neighbors. It is time that the Palestinians stop playing the martyr and begin constructive work to improve their lives!

There is no excuse for the Palestinians to live as they are when there are reasonable alternatives that do not depend upon Israel ceding territory to others. I believe that the world continues to support the Palestinian claim to Israel land because it is a way of opposing what the world believes is a United States’ comrade in arms. And, maybe the closest neighbors are showing their true colors when they refuse to accept Palestinians into their own countries. Maybe the Palestinians should be angry with their pseudo friends rather than with a country that is just trying to keep its citizens safe!

Sticks and stones

“Sticks and stone may break my bones…but, words will never hurt me” is the old litany we used to throw at others who were calling us names. The theory, when I grew up, is that words could not harm.

Now, we know better.

Verbal abuse is considered one of many forms of bullying — in the schoolyard, at home, or even in the work place. We even have a new crime category, hate speech, for insulting and abusive words used to harm or defame a specific ethnic group.

Why, then, are public figures, notably liberals, allowed to hurl malicious insults and curses towards those they oppose? We have all heard the vicious comments directed toward President Bush by Danny DeVito, aka “President Bush has a Harvard and a Yale degree; but I still think I am smarter than he.” Jane Fonda, Tim Robins, and others relish throwing insults at President Bush and, indeed, all conservatives. Yet, no one publicly rebukes them.

The epitome of such unbridled hate is Bill Maher’s infamous comment about wishing VP Cheney had been assassinated. He claims he is just using his right of free speech; but his ad hominem attacks are a pathetic attempt to destroy someone he disagrees with. That is the problem with hate mongers, like Mr. Maher, Barbara Streisand, and others. They do not actually study an issue and give an objective opinion. Their speeches are rabid denunciations of the person, not the policy.

So, they don’t like the war. Who does? They want the war to stop. Who doesn’t?

However, the fact is that if the military doesn’t defend us “over there”; then pretty soon, these big talkers might have to defend themselves from terrorism “here”. So, I advise them to be careful what and whom they criticize. If the terrorists succeed and conquer the world, these big talkers might find themselves singing a different tune.

In fact, I suggest that these big talkers begin finding plenty of sticks and stones. Why? Because words — even loud and insulting words — will not stop our enemies, the terrorists!