"I told you so"…………..

could be the motto of those who warned that Iran would do anything to maintain a stranglehold on the world.

Iran unilaterally declared that it would not cooperate with UN inspectors. Why? Iran doesn’t like the way the world is reacting to their refusal to deal honorably with the nuclear issue.

Iran routinely threatens Israel and the U.S. Why? Iran doesn’t like that neither the U.S. nor Israel is cowed by their threats.

Now, Iran has kidnapped British troops. Why? Iran claims the troops were “invading” their waters.

When are the nations going to stop the pretense that Iran is a responsible entity in the world? When are the nations going to unite and deal forcibly with the threat that exists in Iran, especially with Amadinejad in power?

What is the answer? The U.S., and Israel, and Britain have maintained that Iran needs to be controlled before the world suffers again from the radical Islamic philosophy that Iran espouses.

When will this happen? Only when another country suffers from Iran’s beligerance. And, then, no one should pretend that Iran’s aggression is a surprise because……….we told you so!

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