Sticks and stones

“Sticks and stone may break my bones…but, words will never hurt me” is the old litany we used to throw at others who were calling us names. The theory, when I grew up, is that words could not harm.

Now, we know better.

Verbal abuse is considered one of many forms of bullying — in the schoolyard, at home, or even in the work place. We even have a new crime category, hate speech, for insulting and abusive words used to harm or defame a specific ethnic group.

Why, then, are public figures, notably liberals, allowed to hurl malicious insults and curses towards those they oppose? We have all heard the vicious comments directed toward President Bush by Danny DeVito, aka “President Bush has a Harvard and a Yale degree; but I still think I am smarter than he.” Jane Fonda, Tim Robins, and others relish throwing insults at President Bush and, indeed, all conservatives. Yet, no one publicly rebukes them.

The epitome of such unbridled hate is Bill Maher’s infamous comment about wishing VP Cheney had been assassinated. He claims he is just using his right of free speech; but his ad hominem attacks are a pathetic attempt to destroy someone he disagrees with. That is the problem with hate mongers, like Mr. Maher, Barbara Streisand, and others. They do not actually study an issue and give an objective opinion. Their speeches are rabid denunciations of the person, not the policy.

So, they don’t like the war. Who does? They want the war to stop. Who doesn’t?

However, the fact is that if the military doesn’t defend us “over there”; then pretty soon, these big talkers might have to defend themselves from terrorism “here”. So, I advise them to be careful what and whom they criticize. If the terrorists succeed and conquer the world, these big talkers might find themselves singing a different tune.

In fact, I suggest that these big talkers begin finding plenty of sticks and stones. Why? Because words — even loud and insulting words — will not stop our enemies, the terrorists!

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