The Pseudo martyrdom of Palestinians

After the Holocaust of WWII, the state of Israel was created to give the Jewish people a home where they would always be welcome and where they could live without fear of reprisals from anti-Semitism.

Unfortunately, anti-Semites have never given Israel one day of true peace. Constant vigilance is the mantra of those who live in Israel. For some reason, the world has never required the Palestinians to make an effort to improve their own lot. The world allows the Palestinians to live as refugees because it is so much easier to complain about Israel than to do something with and for Palestinians.

Why are the Palestinians constantly begging for help from the rest of the world? Their own Arabic brethren in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and Egypt have never offered to give up territory to create a Palestinian state. Why should Israel have to give up territory if no one else will? The Jewish people have endured genocide, terrorist bombing, and constant harassment from their neighbors. It is time that the Palestinians stop playing the martyr and begin constructive work to improve their lives!

There is no excuse for the Palestinians to live as they are when there are reasonable alternatives that do not depend upon Israel ceding territory to others. I believe that the world continues to support the Palestinian claim to Israel land because it is a way of opposing what the world believes is a United States’ comrade in arms. And, maybe the closest neighbors are showing their true colors when they refuse to accept Palestinians into their own countries. Maybe the Palestinians should be angry with their pseudo friends rather than with a country that is just trying to keep its citizens safe!

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