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C’mon, man!

Those famous words are Biden’s go-to phrase when he loses his train of thought. It was pretty obvious last night when he was at a loss for words, because, “c’mon” was repeated over and over.

The former VP also had trouble getting his facts straight and the moderator never challenged him on his lies. For example, saying that he had never called President Trump xenophobic.He did. Nor did she question Biden when he said he never took money from a foreign government. Saying he had never accepted money from a foreign country when a former associate of Hunter Biden’s who heard Joe doing so was sitting in the audience would have been laughable, if the stakes weren’t so high.

Most of what the former VP said was recycled campaign phrases or insults against our President…insults without foundation. It is clear, too, that the Biden has no concrete proposals on much of anything. His “plan” for the virus mimics exactly what President Trump has already done. Biden’s “plan” to improve the world is to revert to the Paris accord which would make America give even more money to foreign countries when many, like China and Russia, are more than able to pay for their own climate change improvements……..if they actually wanted to.. And, saying that he would make foreign countries pay if they were aggressive toward us is ridiculous. What is he going to do…..bow twice to them, like Obama did…..and that will convince them to behave? No, we need a strong man like President Trump who will follow demand countries do the right thing. The proof of that is the Mideast peace accord recently signed.

And, though the media want to pretend that Joe never took money from foreign governments, the laptop, tapes, and the witness all corroborate a different image of good old Joe. He already admitted to plagiarism years ago and he he now stands accused of selling out America through his leverage of the office of the Vice President. Is this truly the man we want in the Oval office?

Besides, Biden has no plans for much of anything. He will do and say anything, though, to win politically, including denying he is against fracking when there is a video of him saying he will. He keeps saying that he will do this or that, but, really, Biden never has done anything — except advocating for the notorious crime bill which disproportionately hurt Blacks .He has nothing new to propose. It’s ironic that, after 47 years of doing nothing (except plagiarism and speeches), NOW he thinks he can run the country!

Biden’s “plans” are just so much thin air. Remember: when he coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’, he DIDN’T.

Now, that’s a fact!