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Name a Racist………….

Racism was, and still is, a dangerous topic in America today.  Dangerous not only for the damage that racism can cause, but dangerous because the term has become a buzz word for many Lieberals who are desperate for a political victory.  Dangerous because Lieberals throw the word around like it was candy.  And, dangerous because the term has such negative connotations that it divides Americans when we should be working together to repair the damaged economy and the damaged lives caused by the last 3 years!

Could YOU name a racist?  I’m not sure I could, but, Lieberals claim to know who is racist and who isn’t.  So, who really is a racist?

If you asked that question of many Black American public figures, such as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, their standard answer would undoubtedly include  some white Conservative, especially white Conservatives who are male.  If you ask many White American public figures, they would feel compelled to fudge their answers.  Why?  Well, racism is a political hot spot that even the most honest of people don’t want to talk about publicly.

And, why is racism such a potent issue?  It’s because racism is a means of separating Americans into a voting block that politicians can appeal to and that politicians can use to be re-elected.  As such, it is a sinister and cynical tool.  Asking someone about racism is like asking a Miss America candidate if she hates children.  Or, when did you stop beating your wife?  Labeling someone a racist tarnishes their reputation forever, even when it isn’t true.  So, why can’t we separate the real racists from the non-racist Americans?

Well, how would you KNOW whether someone is racist or not?  It’s not as if there is a litmus test.  In fact, calling another racist is problematic because there is no objective means of testing the accusation.  For example, many of us were considered racist because we didn’t vote for President Obama.  But, the accusers never asked which candidate had policies we liked.  We preferred Governor Romney’s Conservative and business-conscious approach to Obama’s “big government” ideas.  That did NOT make us racist………….but, those calling names didn’t worry about the truth.  They just kept on calling names.  Unfortunately, Oprah has repeated these accusations again, so the notion that anyone opposing Obama is racist continues to survive even todday, despite it being UNTRUE!

In fact, if Oprah would think about it, she would realize that racism is NOT about color or ethnicity.  Racism is a lazy way to label someone so you can attack the label and avoid confronting the real person or his ideas.  Democrats are very successful at these cheap shots as we’ve seen in the last few years.   In reality,  if you jump to the conclusion that you know what someone will say or think, based on his color or ethnicity, then YOU ARE THE RACIST!

So,  who are the Racists in America?

Is it President Obama who jumped to the defense of a professor BECAUSE the professor was black and the policeman was white?

Was it President Obama who crusaded against George Zimmerman because he thought Travon was black and George was white?

Was it President Obama who refuses to call the Ft. Hood shooting terrorism by an Islamic radical even all the evidence points to that fact being true?

Is it President Obama who had a Black father and a White mother, yet refuses to recognize that he is just as white as he is black?

Is it Morgan Freeman who admitted he voted for Obama BECAUSE Obama was black?

Is it Oprah Winfrey who, to this day, claims that any opposition to Obama is based on racist feelings?

Is it “establishment” Blacks, like Sharpton and Jackson, who ridicule any Black who dares to be Conservative, like Justice Thomas or Allen West, or Charles Payne or Condaleeza Rice?

Of course, there are people who are racist in every state, and in every country around the world.  That does NOT mean that opposing Lieberals and their “front man”, Obama, makes the rest of us racist.  In fact, it seems to me, based on those listed in the questions above,  that there are more Lieberals  who are racist than whites!

And, calling  Conservatives  racist, just because their political philosophy differs from yours is not only ludicrous, but……..maybe makes YOU the RACIST.

Remember,  our  DIFFERENCES in political views, our personal life style choices, or even our words  DO NOT MAKE US RACIST.

So, please, let’s drop all this name-calling and race-baiting.  Let’s NOT name a Racist……………………..   Let’s just live together as Americans….free, equal, and glad to be Americans!




Democrats fleeing the Obama-scare ship………………..

Some Democrats, especially those up for re-election, are rethinking their support for Obama-scare.  No, they did not have an epiphany.  No, they did not get “religion”.  And, no, they are still not concerned with Americans’ health.

Rather, these Democrats want to have their cake and eat it, too.  They don’t want Obama-scare to scare voters away from them!

First, they were in the thrall of National Healthcare.  Oh, yes.  Obama-scare would be the “war to end all wars (health care wars, that is)”.  And, no matter that poll after poll showed Americans did NOT WANT national healthcare, Democrats decided they knew better and forced the legislation through.

However, now that the roll out has been an utter fiasco and now that cancellations are as thick as snow in a Wisconsin winter, and now that Americans are beginning to realize what a disaster the entire idea is,  THESE POLITICIANS ARE SCRAMBLING TO SAVE THEMSELVES!

These Democrats who unanimously voted FOR Obama-scare would have us believe that they are just as furious as President Obama claims to be. And, in an attempt to avoid the blame for this nightmare,  Democrats blame Republicans.   Ho ho ho.  Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, these Democrats don’t give a fig about anyone else, just their own hides.  They will act angrily — remember Bachus calling Obama-scare a “train wreck”?  They will say anything — remember Wasserman-Schultz calling cancellations “transitions”?  They will lie to your face and expect you to believe them because……………….it has ALWAYS worked in the past.

After all, President Obama repeatedly lied about how Obama-scare will affect Americans’ health insurance…………….and no one contradicted him.  Remember his  infamous “you can keep your health care/doctor/plan  period” quote?  I do.  Most Americans do, yet, he is willing to pretend that he didn’t say it.   The over 29 videos of those exact words by Obama belie his current statements.  Carney, his press secretary, pretends to be indignant that anyone would question the President’s credibility.  But what are we to think?  We have the incontrovertible evidence of Obama’s lies, along with all his Democrats’ lies, and yet, somehow, they expect us to believe their new lies?

Wow.  Obama and the Democrats really do NOT think much of our intelligence, do they?  Because, there is no way to justify the lies, the cost, nor the havoc that Obama-scare has caused.  There is no way for Democrats to lie their way out of this pickle…..even if they will continue to try.  There is no way for Democrats to fix Obama-scare with their words.  If they truly wanted to fix this legislative nightmare, they would trash the entire bill and begin again.  And, this time, they should ask the American people what WE WANT!  Enough of them telling us what we SHOULD want.

Democrats are increasingly mutinous because “captain” Obama is out playing golf for the 150th time while Democrats’ representatives and Senators are left to bail out the ship.   Knowing this, is there any surprise that Democrats are fleeing the Obama-scare ship?

Your lyin’ eyes…..singing and dancing to President Obama’s tune………..

President Obama seems to be a man who will say or do anything to make political hay. …..even if he has to later repudiate what he said earlier.  Apparently, Obama is testing out the Al Gore school of political wisdom.  Remember Al Gore who said he voted  for it before he voted against it?

In a similar vein,  President Obama now claims he didn’t say :  “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it….period!”    “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.”

Well, if that wasn’t Obama, who was that man in the 29 different video repeating that specific pledge?  It sure looked like our President.  It sure sounded like our President.  The evidence is pretty clear that  IT WAS OUR PRESIDENT!

So, whom does Obama think he’s fooling by now claiming he was misunderstood?  Maybe he believes that old litany of a sucker being born every minute because he sure is trying to suck Americans into a lie.  Let’s be done with this shilly-shally routine of euphemisms where we call Obama’s lies other names to make them more palatable.  Obama did NOT misspeak.  Obama was NOT misunderstood.  Obama was NOT fed misinformation by subordinates.

Obama lied.  He lied every time he opened his mouth to speak about health care with his claim that FEW Americans would lose their health insurance.  He lied about the cost of the “new and improved governmental” health insurance   He lied about Americans being able to keep insurance, doctors, and even hospitals that they had chosen.  Obama lied…..lied….lied.

So, here’s a little song — this one by John Anderson, I believe — to immortalize President Obama’s lies.  Sing along, if you like because, if you are an American whose health insurance is being cancelled or one of those suckers who will be on the “guv’nmint’s” string, this will be the last time you sing your own song.  From now on, you will dance to Obama’s tune!

Your lying.....eyes used to charm me, hypnotize me through and through             
like a fool.... I''ve been dreamin, Your lying....eyes just told on you.

All those stories I've been hearin, I wouldn't believe that they were true
But just this morning over coffee your lying ...eyes just told on you.
like a fool....I've been dreamin your lying....eyes just told on you

(Verse 2)

For a long time I have loved you 
And I thought that you loved me too 
Now all my questions have been answered 
Your lying ....eyes just told on you