Your lyin’ eyes…..singing and dancing to President Obama’s tune………..

President Obama seems to be a man who will say or do anything to make political hay. …..even if he has to later repudiate what he said earlier.  Apparently, Obama is testing out the Al Gore school of political wisdom.  Remember Al Gore who said he voted  for it before he voted against it?

In a similar vein,  President Obama now claims he didn’t say :  “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it….period!”    “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.”

Well, if that wasn’t Obama, who was that man in the 29 different video repeating that specific pledge?  It sure looked like our President.  It sure sounded like our President.  The evidence is pretty clear that  IT WAS OUR PRESIDENT!

So, whom does Obama think he’s fooling by now claiming he was misunderstood?  Maybe he believes that old litany of a sucker being born every minute because he sure is trying to suck Americans into a lie.  Let’s be done with this shilly-shally routine of euphemisms where we call Obama’s lies other names to make them more palatable.  Obama did NOT misspeak.  Obama was NOT misunderstood.  Obama was NOT fed misinformation by subordinates.

Obama lied.  He lied every time he opened his mouth to speak about health care with his claim that FEW Americans would lose their health insurance.  He lied about the cost of the “new and improved governmental” health insurance   He lied about Americans being able to keep insurance, doctors, and even hospitals that they had chosen.  Obama lied…..lied….lied.

So, here’s a little song — this one by John Anderson, I believe — to immortalize President Obama’s lies.  Sing along, if you like because, if you are an American whose health insurance is being cancelled or one of those suckers who will be on the “guv’nmint’s” string, this will be the last time you sing your own song.  From now on, you will dance to Obama’s tune!

Your lying.....eyes used to charm me, hypnotize me through and through             
like a fool.... I''ve been dreamin, Your lying....eyes just told on you.

All those stories I've been hearin, I wouldn't believe that they were true
But just this morning over coffee your lying ...eyes just told on you.
like a fool....I've been dreamin your lying....eyes just told on you

(Verse 2)

For a long time I have loved you 
And I thought that you loved me too 
Now all my questions have been answered 
Your lying ....eyes just told on you

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