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Republicans? What’s not to like?

While the run-of-the-mill media continues to insult, denigrate, mock, and, generally, act like Lieberal fools when discussing the Republican candidates for President, voters should be asking themselves, “What’s not to like about the Republican candidates for President?”

The Democrats have no choice of candidate because only President Obama is running for the Democrat’s nomination.  He has, unfortunately, proven to be as inexperienced, contrary, aloof, and incompetent as many of us feared he would be.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, to name one program that he has initiated or backed that has helped our fellow Americans find a job or that decreased the National Debt.  The Stimulus was such a failure that few Democrats will even let the word pass their lips.  And, then, there is Solyndra….not only expected to fail, but it did;  and, now, there are charges of insider bias AND those employees are going to receive compensation for the failure of their company.  And, guess who is paying for their tab?

Compared to Obama, almost anyone would be better as President.  Fortunately, the Republicans have chosen a few good men, and one good woman.  Let’s consider the wide range of choices that voters have on this side of the ticket.

Romney — a proven businessman;  a very good, former Governor;  a very moral guy;  a true family man;  and, while he has changed his mind on some issues, isn’t that all part of maturing and understand new and different circumstances?  So, a plus in terms of voters’ choice.

Cain — a proven businessman;  a very decent man;  a man with a sense of humor who isn’t afraid to laugh at his own mistakes;  a family man;  another very good choice.

Gingrich — former Speaker of the House;  very informed on a variety of issues;  and one with the ability to understand historical precedents…good choice.

Bachman — Representative from Minnesota;  extremely focused on conservative issues;  well-spoken;  a woman whose time should come soon, if not now…good choice.

Paul — Representative for ever; conservative in his soul;  true to the conservative viewpoint…good choice.

Perry — Governor of a very successful state in economic terms;  principled;  extremely focused on returning America to the people, not the politicians;  his mistakes…who doesn’t make some mistakes?  All in all…..another very good choice.

There are other candidates running, but you get the idea. Critics see the variety of candidates as proof that the electorate doesn’t back one or the other.  Those critics are wrong.  Actually, the Republicans are presenting a wealth of riches for the voter in terms of choices with  the wide number of candidates.

So, I repeat.  What’s not to like about the Republican slate of candidates?

Racism, an easy insult

From the Green Bay Press Gazette, Friday, November 4, 2011, page A-5:

“Madison — Democrats read from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech, accused Republicans of racism, and held the state Assembly at bay for a night this week in an effort to block a proposal that would remove race as a qualifying factor in the awarding of higher education grans.

As it turns out, a letter circulated Thursday showed race hasn’t been used as a factor for receiving the grants for more than a year, and the switch was made by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s administration.”