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The Truth, and nothing but the Truth

Chris Wallace now claims he resigned from FOX news because “they” no longer were truthful about the 2020 election: “But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.”

Isn’t it interesting that only he knows the truth about the election? Those of us who question that election know nothing, if he is to be believed, and we have become, once again, the Deplorables of Hillary Clinton fame.

Mr. Wallace, in his arrogance, seems to have forgotten that Truth is a slippery beast at best. Except in math where you can be certain that 1 + 1 adds up to 2, there are few other areas that are absolutes. What one person considers true might not be what another considers the truth. It all depends upon the assumptions you make. I think Mr. Wallace makes foolish assumptions and then proliferates his faulty conclusions and denigrates anyone who disagrees with him. Why do I think that? Because Mr. Wallace has been one of the most liberal, and vindictive, hosts on FOX, especially when the subject was President Trump. It is thus no surprise that he feels threatened by anyone who has a different view of that election.

Unfortunately, Wallace was part of the media who pandered to Mr. Biden and excoriated Mr. Trump at every opportunity. Many of us do question the 2020 election, especially now that the facts being revealed show how corrupt President Biden, and his son Hunter, were….and, are. The media is finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s laptop might just prove that President Biden is corrupt. But, they mocked anyone who claimed that earlier, including the man who actually had the evidence, the laptop. And, the admission that the Steele dossier was not only a fake, but perpetuated by our own clandestine FBI, should cause everyone to question the slanderous stance taken by the media. The news about election officials who allowed voting practices that were outlawed by the states themselves creates even more doubt about that election. These lies and subterfuge created by the media about President Trump, make it difficult to believe Mr. Wallace’s conclusion about the 2020 election.

DEspite all the evidence forthcoming that proves Mr. Trump was right, Mr. Wallace remains convinced only he knows the truth. I would challenge him on that!

Besides the evidence contradicting Mr. Wallace, I remember one of my college professors telling us to beware of anyone claiming to know the Absolute Truth. The problem is not with Truth itself. The problem is that politicians and the media no longer tell the Truth. They obfuscate, repeat half truths, and misconceptions until Truth is buried beneath mountains of lies. And then the lies become the straw man they can attack without anyone knowing what the truth really is.

It’s scary. Common sense is needed to wade through the deceptions that Mr. Wallace and his ilk have continually spouted. Lies are like a weedy root that burrows beneath the earth and sends up thorns and thistles. We need to root them out as soon as we see them before their terrible consequences, like the 2020 election, can create even more havoc in our country and the world.

Remember —- A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston Churchill

I’m sick of it!

That’s not me, that’s our inept President Biden speaking.

And, what is he sick of? He’s sick of being blamed for inflation, the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan, the divisions in America, high gas prices, the incomprehensible non-response to Russia invading Ukraine…..yada yada. In short, he is sick of being blamed for all the trials and tribulations he has created in only the first year of being President.

Just imagine what he can do with 4 years!

Although he is known for making gaffes, this one is a real prize winner. Whom does he think should be blamed for these problems? He is the one who refused to rescue Americans and Afghans who helped America. He is the one who used racism as a campaign rallying cry….and, continues to use it to rationalize almost every problem he has created in America and the world. He is the one who shut down the Keystone pipeline which would be shipping oil within the year and maintaining the American energy surplus which President Trump began. Biden is the one who shrinks from confronting Putin about invading Ukraine. Apparently, Biden wants to follow in the footprints of Obama, his buddy, who was afraid to contest Putin’s invasion of Crimea.

Well, the chickens are definitely coming home to roost. That might be okay if it only affected those who shared the blame with Biden for the troubles in today’s world. But, everyone worldwide will suffer because Biden, Harris, AND the Democrats, are too afraid to stand up for anything. They wait to see what the political winds blow in and then, decide what to do.

And, if the winds switch direction, Biden and his coterie of “flexible” pals are more than willing to change their thinking, if it can be called thinking.

So, I’m sick of it, too. I’m sick of Biden, Harris, and all those Democrats who have led us into this misery we are now enduring. I’m sick of seeing Russia indiscriminately killing civilians — men, women and babies — just to take over a democratic Ukraine. I’m sick of high energy prices and supply chain problems. I’m sick of politicians who talk a good line, but ignore the realities of Life under Biden.

I’m sick, sick, sick, of our President and Democrats. My only hope is that others are sick enough of the lies, grandstanding, and ineptitude of Biden and the Democrats to vote them out of office.

Otherwise, we, and our wonderful America, might never get well again.