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Um.. ok?

Read This!

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook status : is really? al-qaeda ur gonna call my man a “house negro”?? not a smart move

First of all, does he not have the right to say it?  Whether or not it’s right, does he have the right?  Yes.

Secondly, why wouldn’t they defend Bush with the same vigor when he was torn down from every angle.  Oh yeah, they had no respect for the man OR the Presidency.

Thirdly, where was this aggressive attitude when those faceless cowards killed thousands of Americans?

It’s just so funny, that they get their panties all in an uproar over words, and useless insults, but turn a blind eye when it really counts.

I call them cowards.

Mr. Knowledge

You go, Girl!

An editorialist today suggested that Senator Clinton is not qualified to be Secretary of State in the new administration.  Although obviously true, it is irrelevant.  Experience is no longer a prerequisite for anything in America.  Nope.  If you’re a minority, we will pump up your qualifications until you meet job specifications.  If you’re a minority, you can be President….even when you have no legislative — or any other — experience.

Let’s be realistic.  When the Democratic party rallied behind the least experienced, least knowledgable candidate in the history of our country, they ignored the need for experience!  It’s true that Hillary has no experience in foreign affairs, except for those little tea parties she attended as First Lady.  But, why should the Secretary of State specs be any more challenging than those for the President?    Neither Obama nor Hillary have any experience in running a country or running to foreign countries with our policies, but, in today’s America, that apparently has no bearing on who is the best person for a job.

I can’t say that I have ever supported Hillary for anything.  But,  if it takes her out of the country, as Secretary of State duties will do, I say, “You go, Girl!”

Affirmative Action – the “New Deal”

The other day, I made a comment to someone about my dissatisfaction with the results of the Presidential election.  Immediately, this other person accused me of racism.  And, no matter how many reasons, pretty good reasons to my way of thinking, that I gave, this person insisted my vote had to be based on racism. That is an untrue charge and that person refused to accept my arguments because he didn’t recognize the sweeping, societal changes that have occurred.  In today’s America, a person should be able to choose a candidate, or employee, or friend, based on the individual’s personal qualities, and not the skin color.  To blatantly label any decision not favoring a given ethnic group is racist.

We Americans have changed since the Civil Rights movement began.  We began financial, governmental and legal policies to erase the effects of slavery and the discrimination that stemmed from it.  One response, affirmative action , attempted to reduce  discrimination in college entrances, job promotions, sports, and almost every sphere of American society.  Personally, I think affirmative action in its original form is unAmerican.  Good governmental policies should never hurt one group in order to help another, especially when the helping hand usually meant welfare.  No, market forces actually drove discrimination away.  Discrimination disappeared because it wasn’t economically feasible to keep talented people out of the work force or schools, based on their ethnicity.  After all, we need the most skilled person in every job!

Now, we have a President elect who is half black.  Certainly the presidency carries the greatest prestige of almost any job in the world — and that fact should provide positive proof that discrimination no longer is a determining factor for the majority of Americans!

With Senator Obama’s election, a Black man or Asian woman or Hispanic or just about anyone knows that he/she can achieve whatever he sets out to do in America.  For the last eight years, President Bush’s hiring policies were mostly ignored, but he was a classic example of someone who recognized  an individual’s talents, not the color of package those talents came in.  All of these changes show that Americans want to move past discrimination.  Affirmative action, as originally designed,  no longer is needed and should be eliminated so that we choose the “best”,  available person for every job without consideration of skin color.

It is time for affirmative action to be redefined to mean actively seeking the best person for the job or position….affirming that someone is the right person for the job. Black, Asian, or Hispanic people should not be given extra points just for being non-White because that ultimately destroys their achievement if they succeed.  No.  All should compete on a level playing field and even a White person should have an equal opportunity to compete. Let’s leave racism, or suggestions of racism behind.  Affirmative action can, and should, be the “New Deal”.


Inexperienced was the obvious winner in last night’s presidential election, and in some senatorial contests, too.  For me, the fact that the Democrats would promote such an inexperienced man with a dubious past has confirmed what I believe the Democratic party has turned into — a power-hungry group of hypocrits who will do and say anything to win.

Witness the slandering of President Bush throughout his presidency.  No matter what happened, the Democrats laid all the blame at his administration’s door.   The slander was bad enough, but the net effect is that the rest of the world felt safe in also criticizing him and also felt safe in not working with him because they knew the Democratic congress would do anything to thwart his efforts.

Maybe the majority of voters was right to elect someone without experience.  We can only wait and see.  However, I fear that my children and grandchildren will not live in a better world than we have.  They will not be able to count on working hard and reaching their goals because higher taxes will cut into their paycheck.  Seniors, such as I, will not be able to retire as early and what we have earned and saved so far will be reduced to the point that we all have to do with less and work longer.

Is it fair?  The black woman who said she wanted Obama elected because then “I won’t have to worry about paying for my car and house” obviously represented a significant portion of the American voting public.  I just wonder what she will say when the better-off Americans and corporations decide they have to tighten their belt to pay higher taxes and thus, cutting jobs is the only answer.  Maybe she will lose her own job, car or house.  Will she be so happy then?

No one knows because no one has ever lived with a President this inexperienced before.  We all hope for the best, but I fear that we are going to experience a far harsher country where our young people no longer dream because they know the government will control their every move through financial strictures, such as higher taxes and fees on individuals and business.

Inexperienced?  This is the new standard and new reality of politics.  Experience the inexperienced!