Inexperienced was the obvious winner in last night’s presidential election, and in some senatorial contests, too.  For me, the fact that the Democrats would promote such an inexperienced man with a dubious past has confirmed what I believe the Democratic party has turned into — a power-hungry group of hypocrits who will do and say anything to win.

Witness the slandering of President Bush throughout his presidency.  No matter what happened, the Democrats laid all the blame at his administration’s door.   The slander was bad enough, but the net effect is that the rest of the world felt safe in also criticizing him and also felt safe in not working with him because they knew the Democratic congress would do anything to thwart his efforts.

Maybe the majority of voters was right to elect someone without experience.  We can only wait and see.  However, I fear that my children and grandchildren will not live in a better world than we have.  They will not be able to count on working hard and reaching their goals because higher taxes will cut into their paycheck.  Seniors, such as I, will not be able to retire as early and what we have earned and saved so far will be reduced to the point that we all have to do with less and work longer.

Is it fair?  The black woman who said she wanted Obama elected because then “I won’t have to worry about paying for my car and house” obviously represented a significant portion of the American voting public.  I just wonder what she will say when the better-off Americans and corporations decide they have to tighten their belt to pay higher taxes and thus, cutting jobs is the only answer.  Maybe she will lose her own job, car or house.  Will she be so happy then?

No one knows because no one has ever lived with a President this inexperienced before.  We all hope for the best, but I fear that we are going to experience a far harsher country where our young people no longer dream because they know the government will control their every move through financial strictures, such as higher taxes and fees on individuals and business.

Inexperienced?  This is the new standard and new reality of politics.  Experience the inexperienced!