LIEberals and Media Hypocrisy

On a trip this week, I had to listen to some “kid” expound on how much he hated Governor Palin. He used every single insult and slur that the Obama camp has provided, courtesy of the media. If there had been a chance, I would gladly have explained why Senator McCain and Governor Palin are the best choice, but he was not ready to listen, only rant and rave. His ignorance is a direct result of the media letting Democrats trash any and every conservative thought, person, or issue.

Since Governor Palin is obviously MORE qualified than Senator Obama, it befuddles me that the media lets the Lieberals (spelling intentional) continue to throw out nasty comments without any challenges. How can the head honchos allow this constant, repetitious, and nauseating bias to continue? I don’t understand it.

Nor did I understand the venom of this kid. I support Senator McCain and Governor Palin, but I do not hate the Democrats. He absolutely hates Republicans. It is unfortunate that he couldn’t see the hypocrisy of his stance because he kept ridiculing Governor Palin’s executive experience and yet he had no problem with Senator Obama’s complete lack of ANY experience, other than raising money!

That’s being a complete LIEberal!

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