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Media gone amuck

Why is it wrong that Democrats routinely demonize conservative thought and conservatives?  Why was it wrong for demonstrators to deface and occupy the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin?  Why is it wrong for networks to allow commentators like Olberman to call Bachman a pig?

All of these incidents are wrong because they are not promoting independent thought which is critical to our country continuing to be free and to maintain democracy.   While it is acceptable to discuss and even complain about ideologies, it is wrong that the networks continue to promote their own ideology through virulent insults.  Just listen to CNN or NBC or even CBS.  They have one thought for the entire group and, that thought is portrayed over and over.  They are convinced that they just have to tell you their ideas often enough and you will be or become a believer.

How different at the much maligned FOX network where even I, a conservative, find some of their articles to give too much credence to the lefties!  But, this is acceptable so long as both sides of an issue are portrayed.  On most programs, FOX will have a commentator from the left and one from the right.  You can almost always contrast the views of Juan Williams, a liberal, with those of Charles Krauthammer, a conservative.  And, the host does NOT slight or give sly innuendoes to undermine the guests’ viewpoints as happens all too often on NBC, CBS, and CNN.

However, as Mr. Sowell stresses, unless we, the American voter, begin to question the Media and do some serious study, the media runs amuck and that  will destroy Democracy.  We need to question the comments by liberals, just as we need to question those from conservatives.  We need to insist our Congress follow the moral high ground, not the politically advantageous, and easy, road.

It’s time to become adults and insist that our representatives act like adults, too.  Otherwise, the liberal media will continue to be in charge of our political process.  And, that would be the downfall of our country and freedoms.


The Meaning of “is”……….

Only in America, and only a Democrat, would  claim that paying more in taxes is NOT a tax hike! They preach that since they aren’t suggesting raising the RATES, only eliminating EXEMPTIONS, that this does not amount to a tax hike.  Ha ha.   Does it matter whether you are taxed at a higher rate or whether the Democrats take away exemptions?  No.

What counts is the NET amount! For example,  if you’re taxed 60% on an income of $250,000, that means you are paying $150,000 in taxes.  Democrats would scoff at that 60% rate;  however, if you add up all the sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes, fees, etc., that is about the NET amount of taxes paid in today’s crazy taxation climate. But,  Democrats want to convince you that they aren’t raising taxes,  merely closing loopholes that the “wealthy”  are purportedly using to lower their tax rates.  But, no matter how the government takes your money, if the total amount paid in taxes is MORE than before, it is a TAX HIKE!

Democrats pretend that paying more taxes, due to fewer exemptions, is not a tax hike;  but, everyone knows that it’s NOT the titles that count, but the BOTTOM LINE.  But, what can you expect from a party that supported people like former President Clinton and Representative Weiner and even John Edwards until public indignation drove those Democrats to admit their immoral behaviour?  After all, Democrats defended Clinton even AFTER the facts came out.  And, he’s the guy who  gave us the new standard of morality when he defended himself by questioning the meaning of “is”!  After his performance in office, and we won’t discuss THAT, Democrats have been on a downward spiral in terms of their morals.

Regardless of the meaning of “is”, the meaning of  eliminating exemptions for anyone  IS a tax hike.


Bush is turning the sun off again…

To summerize that article -> The sun may cause a cooling of earth.

See, the problem I have with so called climate scientists is they are so hell bound on blaming humans that they are blind to other influences.  Has global warming happened?  Sure it has if you look at the temperatures over the past century.  Is it caused by humans?  The verdict is still out but I’m going to say that it’s not a direct relation.

The old adage says that you can manipulate any set of data to fit your conclusions.  These so called experts want so badly to blame the human race that they’ll conger up any set of statistics to prove it.  Correlation does not imply causality.  Has the temperature and CO2 particles in our atmosphere increased?  Yes.  However, an elevation in temperature allows our atmosphere to absorb more CO2, so what came first?  The temperature, or the CO2.

Now back to what the article says.  The sun may cause a cooling.  Well gee wiz Mr. Knowledge, are you telling me the sun may have a hand in all this and us puny humans can’t stop what the sun will do.

Bush and his weather machine can.  Or can that only bring about hurricanes?  I forget…

– Mr. Knowledge


Hot Dog!……I mean, Weiner…

You’ve heard of Top Dog?  Well, this is one Dog that was Top and now is a hot dog,  looking for a fire hydrant to express his frustration.

According to those in the know, it looks like Weiner DID send the infamous picture.  I mean, let’s face it.  What are the odds that a picture he will cannot bring himself to disown as his,  makes it to a pretty co-ed..and, by the way, the picture he won’t disown is  from HIS  personal internet connection?

The facts are fairly conclusive proving that Weiner is the guy in the raunchy photo.

So, what should happen to a Congressman who is caught, literally, with his pants down?  Well, if he were a Republican, he would  be forced out of office.  But, Democrats routinely commit havey cavey acts and no one blinks an eye.

However, this might be a different situation, even for a Democrat.  Weiner committed an unforgiveable sin by thinking he can blame a hacker to cover his dirty little secret. Coverups have been the downfall of many a politician and, thus, are seldom tolerated.  Anyway, it’s about time to stop the double standard which allows Democrats to do immoral acts, like former President Clinton, and expects Republicans to adhere to a higher moral standard.   For those of us who believe everyone should be equal, even when it comes to punishment, my “vote” goes to recalling Weiner if he doesn’t do the right thing and resign.

After all, even if  he can convince laypeople that the graphic photo did not come from him, let’s hope that the Internet jockeys   “ride this horse” until Weiner stops saying “Neigh”…or, “Nay”!

Let’s end this dog and pony show.  Weiner is neither a pony nor a Hot Dog.  He’s just another politician who got caught with his pants down.

Republicans! What’s not to like?


PRINCETON, New Jersey (Reuters) – As Republicans scramble to find a strong candidate for the 2012 U.S. presidential contest, a group of Iowa Republicans met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday to urge him to enter the race, despite his stated disinterest.

Half a dozen businessmen from Iowa, which holds the vital first nominating contest in the U.S. presidential race in February, met with Christie for about 2 1/2 hours over dinner at the governor’s mansion to discuss entering the contest.

Democrats must be worried about President Obama’s re-election in 2012 because they are already demonizing every, single, Republican candidate who appears.  And, they repeat the mantra that “there is no front-runner in the Republican party” and, “gosh, golly, gee, Obama is SUCH a likeable guy…..”.

Well, maybe Obama is a nice guy.  But, you know what?  There are a LOT of conservative politicians who are pretty likeable people, too.  There are a lot of voters who like Mitt Romney……..apparently $10,000,000 worth in Vegas.  Pawlenty is a conservative whom even the Democrats in Minnesota voted into office.  Then, there’s the effervescent Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.  The Republican party is well stocked with likeable people.  And, if Chris Christie enters the race, that just adds to the glitter of the conservative candidates.

Personally, while I want to like my President even as I approve of his choices, likeability should not be the primary attribute of the President.  Experience, character, strong moral values, AND an appreciation for all that America stands for and the ability to defend our country should be more important.  I believe President Obama still lacks these qualities and is doing irreparable harm to our country and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.  I believe that we need to elect a President in 2012 who is a strong leader with high moral values.

However,  if likeability is the main criteria, Republicans are well represented with Romney, Bachman, Pawlenty, Palin, Johnston, and maybe Chris Christie.  With all these candidates, and Obama’s abysmal record, what’s not to like in the Republican roster?