Media gone amuck

Why is it wrong that Democrats routinely demonize conservative thought and conservatives?  Why was it wrong for demonstrators to deface and occupy the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin?  Why is it wrong for networks to allow commentators like Olberman to call Bachman a pig?

All of these incidents are wrong because they are not promoting independent thought which is critical to our country continuing to be free and to maintain democracy.   While it is acceptable to discuss and even complain about ideologies, it is wrong that the networks continue to promote their own ideology through virulent insults.  Just listen to CNN or NBC or even CBS.  They have one thought for the entire group and, that thought is portrayed over and over.  They are convinced that they just have to tell you their ideas often enough and you will be or become a believer.

How different at the much maligned FOX network where even I, a conservative, find some of their articles to give too much credence to the lefties!  But, this is acceptable so long as both sides of an issue are portrayed.  On most programs, FOX will have a commentator from the left and one from the right.  You can almost always contrast the views of Juan Williams, a liberal, with those of Charles Krauthammer, a conservative.  And, the host does NOT slight or give sly innuendoes to undermine the guests’ viewpoints as happens all too often on NBC, CBS, and CNN.

However, as Mr. Sowell stresses, unless we, the American voter, begin to question the Media and do some serious study, the media runs amuck and that  will destroy Democracy.  We need to question the comments by liberals, just as we need to question those from conservatives.  We need to insist our Congress follow the moral high ground, not the politically advantageous, and easy, road.

It’s time to become adults and insist that our representatives act like adults, too.  Otherwise, the liberal media will continue to be in charge of our political process.  And, that would be the downfall of our country and freedoms.


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