Bush is turning the sun off again…


To summerize that article -> The sun may cause a cooling of earth.

See, the problem I have with so called climate scientists is they are so hell bound on blaming humans that they are blind to other influences.  Has global warming happened?  Sure it has if you look at the temperatures over the past century.  Is it caused by humans?  The verdict is still out but I’m going to say that it’s not a direct relation.

The old adage says that you can manipulate any set of data to fit your conclusions.  These so called experts want so badly to blame the human race that they’ll conger up any set of statistics to prove it.  Correlation does not imply causality.  Has the temperature and CO2 particles in our atmosphere increased?  Yes.  However, an elevation in temperature allows our atmosphere to absorb more CO2, so what came first?  The temperature, or the CO2.

Now back to what the article says.  The sun may cause a cooling.  Well gee wiz Mr. Knowledge, are you telling me the sun may have a hand in all this and us puny humans can’t stop what the sun will do.

Bush and his weather machine can.  Or can that only bring about hurricanes?  I forget…

– Mr. Knowledge


One thought on “Bush is turning the sun off again…

  1. themomteam

    Gee, willy whiskers! You mean you don’t believe the experts like Al Gore? And, only today, Gore-the-father-of-four was saying that families should limit the number of children they have to help stave off global warming.

    Let’s see. More scientists argue against global warming now than ever. Gore’s wife left him. And, he’s gotten super fat, ugly, and argumentative. Bet that son don’t shine like he used to!


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