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Rewarding Criminals

In today’s America……..”anything goes” . And, criminals know it.

Sneak into our country illegally and receive free welfare, driver’s licenses, and, in some states, free college tuition. Steal from a Lululemon store and feel safe because the clerks cannot call the police. Beat up someone — whether on the street or in a school — and, ho hum. Maybe we’ll give you some “time off”.

These criminal acts all deserve to be punished. The victims deserve restitution and the peace of mind in knowing the criminal will be locked up. Unfortunately, that seldom happens in today’s America. Maybe worse are the crimes that happen because the bureaucrats are themselves criminals. Of the following crimes, will anyone except the American public suffer? I bet not.

Adam Schiff now running for California senator — lied repeatedly to us about any ties of former President Trump to the Russians. Shouldn’t he recant and make an abject apology to Trump and all Americans for his misleading comments?

Comey hid evidence of Hilary Cliinton destroying evidence on her computers. And, he wrote a book to make money off his tenure. Shouldn’t he be convicted for derelection of duty?

McCabe intentionally fomented a case against President Trump. He should be jailed and not receive any monies because he mislead not only the American public, but directed his subordinates to further the obviously hateful diatribe.

Fauci lied repeatedly about the origin of the Chinese Virus, aka Covid. His actions and statements caused businesses to fail, children to have lower academic levels and more social, mental and economic problems as well to suffer abuse more frequently.

President Clinton was guilty of harassing a subordinate and demeaning the Oval Office with perverse, sexual activity. His disgusting actions and lying were rewarded by his speaking salaries and status as a leader in his Democrat party.

Maxine Waters call for violence over and over, repeating claims of racism, when none existed….and, created an environment of hatred toward the police. No one dares correct her because her speech is so vitriolic as to be labeled hate speech. Yet, no one speaks up.

Al Sharpton labels everything racist, as do the libs on The View (if online stories are true). Honestly, he gets away with his ridiculous commentary because the media gives him air time.

President Biden claims to have resolved the impasse on the budget — categorically false because he repeatedly refused to talk with House Speaker McCarthy. Despite video where Biden says he will not negotiate, he now claims credit!

President Biden admitted to plagiarism years ago and, whistleblowers are ready to bring evidence that his political decisions were paid for by foreign entities. The FBI and CIA continue their criminal allegiance to Biden because he is in a place of power.

Hunter Biden — way too many criminal acts to list………way too much getting away with criminalities because his Father was Vice President and now is President. .

The teacher’s union president demanded that schools be shuttered when all the evidence demonstrated that children could tolerate covid and that children needed the social and academic environment that only a school provides.

All of these people should be prosecuted — their words and deeds hurt this country in ways from which we might never recover!

The only way to correct these deviant behaviours is to have consequences. And, the only way to force ethical behaviour on people like them is to insist that immoral or criminal behaviour be punished….and, punished severely.

If we want to feel safe when out shopping, walking in the street, or even in our homes, we must NOT allow criminals to frighten us into submission. We must insist that the media, including social media, stop suppressing traditional ideas and conservatives.

If we want honest politicians, we have to elect honest men and women to political offices. We must insist that the media report honestly and not rely on biased commentators.

And, most of all, we have to check and double check anything that the media produce. They have lied about everything Trumpian and promoted everything Democrats want. N


Otherwise, we really are rewarding criminal behaviour.